Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warm Wishes


A film of white, cell by cell,
Flake by flake,

Purity's hue,
On the wall and housetops,
Cleaning the world in white,
I geared up for a great fun day,

A day of laughter, of play and of joy!

It's a bit out of ordinary for me to write something childish as th
is, but... it is really worthwhile thing I actually wrote.

Snowy view of
-formerly- Grand Rue de Péra,
today's Istiklal Avenue,
one of the most famous avenues
(European side)

I was making a snow wish for quite some time, I was sharing it in my post as loud and clear.. And, today it's here. So timely! Were you with me in my prayers, too? I guess so;)

First snow falls from gray skies in the city:) Tiny crystals cling to each other until they hit the soft, white, covered earth. How I love, love, love it, playing it, walking it, and seeing how something becomes more beautiful.

Oh to be a child again,... there's anything better than it?

I love travelling by tram, especially this one
historic tram on the Avenue

:: Warm Wishes on cold days and a joyful holiday season ::


  1. Happy Holidays! Glad to see you got your wish for snow.


  2. The photo is beautiful. Is it the view from where you live? I love that there is no car traffic in the street, only the tram. It looks very much Paris *whispers* ( but cleaner ... shhh ;-)

  3. @ Thyme: No, not the view from where I live. I reside in the Asian side. On the European side it's the multicultural corner of the city. So true, the area was/still is to be the base of European population, commonly Levantines -who made it the most Westernized part of the city. Your emotional intelligence works perfectly:)
    Yeap, closed for traffic, open only for historic tram running along the way.

  4. Sweet Nihal:
    I sit here groaning as "another" snow storm comes through (3-4 in the last week = 18" of snow in urban/suburban Seattle), I thought I'd drop in. Wonder of wonders, snow has found it's way to you!! That first snow storm, when the beauty of the city clothed in white is dazzling, exciting, makes the heart smile. Enjoy - enjoy - enjoy!!!
    We are celebrating 2 birthdays today, Kevin is 17 and my Mom turns 79. Tomorrow is Baby Jesus -- just typing these words, my grumpiness flies away. Aaaaahhhh, I'm better - thanks for listening!!
    Wonderful Holidays for you and yours, with snow icing on top!!
    love & hugs,

  5. @ Bonnie: Oh che bellezza! 18" of snow? Snow storm? Take me too, pleeez...

    As you're in the path of the storm, enjoy a toasty day inside and take time for extra hugs, smiling and laughs:)

    Sending my happiest Birthday wishes your way for sweet Kevin and your elegant mother:)
    And most importantly, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and joyful holiday season to you and yours, Bonnie. Stay warm.

    PS Sadly I see my package not arrives you yet, hope after Noel break, a little bit patience OK? -Much Love.

  6. Thank you, Nihal. I wish you joy, too.

    And, I am dreaming of a white Christmas, but it won't be happening here this year.

  7. Carissima Nihal....ti auguro anch'io un felice Natale e un meraviglioso Anno Nuovo!!!!!!
    un forte abbraccio.....Bea

  8. I didn'nt know that it snowed in Turkey but what wonderful sight it is. Have a great Christmas Nihal :)

  9. @ Kate: Last day it was snowing, a mix of rain and snow time to time. This morning we woke up for a clear blue sky again, still very cold around 0-degrees.. see only one-day fun for me:) But snow is expected to fall this weekend again, lets see:)
    It's snowy, terribly wonderful white winter in central and eastern parts of the country since Oct. It's possible to live 4-season at the same time in Turkey: sunny the south; chilly the west; (like Ist'l) northwest rain+snow; snowy the east:)

  10. It is a good thing that we allow the child within to 'come out' at this holiday season!
    May the Spirit of the season leave its blessings on the hearts of you and yours! hugs NG

  11. ...and a wonderful day to you as well, Nihal. Thank you so much for the lovely greeting!!!!

  12. Heeeey, you got it!!!! And here much more to the North, we have nothing but maybe we get some cold.
    Have a nice Christmas.

  13. Oh, I love this picture. Is this really Turkey? It's wonderful. It reminds me of Oslo, where we spent a winter once in the early '90s.

    I guess it must be storming everywhere. Snow all over the US. Here in Southern CA we had rain all morning, and then this afternoon it started blowing cold and clear. It's super cold (for us!) now, but clear and high pressure.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

  14. Happy Holidays to you Nihal !
    A Wonderful,Joyful and Peaceful New Year 2009 !!
    Hugs, Sma

  15. Happy Holidays! You have such a nice blog!
    I'll be back to visit again:o)

  16. These pictures so reminds me of Istanbul in the snow. Don't know how many times i was running through beyoglu in this weather - freezing!\yvonne

  17. @ Laila: Welcome to my page:) Many thanks for your lovely message, and warm wishes:) Hope to see you again here.

    @ Yvonne: Glad to see you:) I think visiting CrossRoads should not be surprising for someone like you who spent many years here, right:)