Friday, January 23, 2009

Alla Turca

Today is devoted to blue:
Color of my passion for summer. Color of skies.
Color of peace.
Color of optimism. Color of angelic feelings.

I managed to look around and spot some --too many, many, mind you--, without too much effort. Attention given on mostly traditional ''Turkish'' pieces. Here is what I captured when I saw at first look for blue:

I'm certain there is no any Turkish house without it: Blue evil eye on silver base. I did not count how many blue eyes at home, countless! Not enough having only one -if you are the one that all eyes are on you -like me:) Something has to protect you:)

I love this pouf-pouf soft scarf in winter. Its baby blue color so wonderful for my eyes, j'adore! However I don't need it anymore, because... it's almost spring-like here, over seasonal normal degrees, and has to wait me till next winter:)

I'd like to know how you are doing since the digital era started. I mean, can you use pen or pencils? Me, oh no! I'm very digi-girl. My pencilcase stands like an accessory in front of some old books, does no function either. Turkish authorities are into e-government applications throughout the country, I'll be missing to sign anything. What a hi-tech world it becomes, everything becomes 'history' as well.

My classic lovely Turkish coffee cup.

To be chic is very important detail for me, no matter where I am. Heart this turquoise earrings, especially its workmanship on it, made punto-punto is the reason why I love wearing.

In love with this hand-made painted ceramic wide bowl on the dining table. A few yellows in it give me the feeling of Sunshine. Friendly combination of yellow and blue. Don't you think every color goes perfect with blue. How I forgot placing some flowers in it;)

I love contemporary designs like this. This glass vase is yet simple, modern and innovative. One small flower inside completes its elegance.

Only an elephant could carry my necklace;) A gift from my mother. Should tell you that she's the corner of talent in my life!

A must for me! Bluejeans everytime, but not everywhere:)

And, cheers! It's Friday.

Stay warm, happy and in love this weekend.

I'll do the same:)


  1. How about that!!!! Blue is my favorite color it always was and still is. These are al beautiful things the earrings and necklace are fabulous.
    Your handwriting is very good, much better than mine. lol

  2. @ Dick: Oh how I forgot;) You're right, I use my pen during Holidays Season when writing and signing cards. Tks for the reminder:)

  3. Love the blues. Blue is so crisp and clean and seems to brighten anything it is used with. Those blue glasses would fit right in with my blue willow dishes.


  4. Oh, wow, I love the blue post. We have a silver trimmed evil eye that was given as a gift to my husband during his business trips. I also have a necklace with an eye in a heart that I bought for me. Love your gorgeous necklace from your mother and those earrings inspired me to follow the colors and do something in wool needlework...not sure just what but I love them!! The blue glasses remind me of ones that my mother had. She loved blue glassware and had these built-in shelves in our dining room where she displayed all her blue dishes and glassware. I was feeling "blue" because I am tired of the cold weather here (only 2 degrees above zero!!) but who could feel blue after reading such a beautiful blue post!!

  5. Dear Nihal, wonderful collection of blues...make me happy looking at all of them, esp that earrings :D

  6. Love your turkish blue yes , looks different