Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Blog Thinks...

connections as branches

A sunny Saturday afternoon
~Jan 24, Istanbul,
taken at home 'Natural blue'

Here's the cool thought of today. O
ne small step for participation, one giant step for thinking:

A]] What makes the world smaller as in 'easier to put your arms around' is the humanity that comes through when we use technology to connect?

B]] What makes the world smaller is the technology that allows us to connect more easily with each other?

Aren't they the connections between our emotions and learning. Obviously that tell why we are so keen on making all those connections on several social networks like facebook, twitter, on blogs for that special feeling of being heard, being seen and a part of things -of interest, of confidence, of trust, of love. It counts... you count so many.

Anyway, that's what's passing on my mind right now.

And, I'd like to hear from you -what do you think?
Leave a comment right away. In seconds. You are for A? Or, B?


  1. Both. My first choice is A but without B (the technology) A would not be possible. For years, since the late 50's, I had pen pals outside the US tho. With technology I feel like I have lots of pen pals.


  2. I am definitely A. B without A just wouldn't be as good.

  3. Well, it's both because in today's world, without the speedy technology links 1. we wouldn't know about so many things without technology and 2. the technology helps one get the word out about humanitarian needs faster than anything else and I think that is a huge help in times of disaster, famine, weather, etc.

  4. I love being able to have a dialogue with people all over the world. Technology has made this possible. I think people everywhere want to be heard. We want someone to listen to what we have to say. Many of us are interested in what others can teach us. Our borders are extended through the use of technology, but technology alone is just equipment. People add the heart.

  5. Oh that's a tough one...I say we as humans can use technology to connect. Hmm...definitely a great thought!

  6. My answer is A, but the B is what allows us to choose A. Thought full post under a beautiful blue sky!

  7. That's difficult, I guess both but more A.

  8. Aaaaaccccckkkkkk! I can't make decisions in seconds -- my brain seizes up. I have to "ponder" for a few minutes at least. O.K. pondering done.
    A post from the end of last year, you told of the evolution of "spiritual intelligence". I believe you were right on target, and that is what makes your blog so fascinating, the "humanity/spirituality" that eminates from it. Reading other blogs, where words are simply thrown out, as compared to those where they are steeped in thought and personality, makes the technology secondary.
    BUT -- as everyone has said, without the tech, we wouldn't be able to converse with one another.
    So onward with tech, but make it worthwhile to all -- as my Nihal at her CrossRoads always does!!!
    Also, a big hurrah to Mr. Sun!!! After several weeks of dreary fog and cold -- he is out in all his glory -- along with a "baby blue" sky!!

  9. @ Bonnie: Sweetest friend of mine, thanks so much for all your kind words!
    As Confucius said, ''a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'' So- I think we can all do small things in our own lives and in our work to make it happen. This is what I do here:)
    Oh my, our baby blue sky went away, leaving it to rainy, crazy cold weather!
    As for my words, sometimes I can't stop thinking and writing in my own Turkish way, and perhaps this can get richer my content;)
    I treasure all of your 'applauses' left on my little space, and seriously think to make a Comments Book:)
    Have a Sunfilled Sunday, Bonnie. Much Love to you and Kevin-