Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And, The Oscar Goes To...

Nuri Bilge Ceylan, his daughter and wife

Don't tell it's early for the 81st Academy Awards.

I know.

When there are good signs and officially confirmation, I can't stop dreaming ahead, more than yesterday:) Because we are getting closer, we are racing for the Oscar! Gel de sevince bogulma..

Surprising and first time nominee; our Three Monkeys (French: Les trois singes - Turkish: Üç Maymun) is qualified in the Foreign Language Film Category, here are 9-films listed by film-country-director name in this category on Jan 13th:

  • Three Monkeys, Turkey, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
  • Waltz with Bashir, Israel, Ari Folman
  • The Class, France, Laurent Cantet
  • The Baader Meinhof Complex, Germany, Uli Edel
  • Everlasting Moments, Sweden, Jan Troell
  • Departures, Japan, Yojiro Takita
  • The Necessities of Life, Canada, Benoit Pilon
  • Tear This Heart Out, Mexico, Roberto Sneider
  • Revanche, Austria, Gotz Spielmann

A little about Three Monkeys... if you wonder:

About life, many things, the inner world. In other words, a family drama revolving jealously. After running over a man at night, a politician running for election bribes his driver to claim responsibility for the accident, but while the man is in prison, the politican seduces the driver's wife, while his son, a teenager, sees it all.

I know that one should not fly over the clouds because Oscar loves to make surprise as we all know it. Taking an example, the favorite of this year, Italy's Gomorra did not make the cut, and sounds like enough reason not to have high hopes.

But I hardly wait. Because it's so good process to see the name of Turkey in a number of great sites that I come across recently, giving us seriously chance for top 5. The Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw, and his favorite film list what not to miss in 2009, Three Monkeys is among them, go to his article

According to some predictions, Israel, France and Germany are guaranteed for top 5. Which ones will be the last 2? Stands as unanswered question. I hope Turkey will become one of those 2, so our Oscar nomination would be even a great source of excitement and accelaration in the ever growing Turkish movie industry.

Most importantly, (Istanbul born-raised) Ceylan who's also a talented photographer -visit his website for movies and photography- was awarded Best Director for his same film Three Monkeys at the Cannes Film Festival 2008, France, on May 25th. I did not forget his touching words during awards ceremony:

''I'm dedicating this prize to my lonely and beautiful country, which I passionately love.'' said Ceylan, after receiving his prize from actress Faye Dunaway.

Beautiful is usually alone, have you ever noticed it? Why it is so?

To me, it seems impossible not to agree with Ceylan. He would not describe us better than this, so true.

We will wait and see, while I'm sending *my best wishes on his way*

Tomorrow, on Jan 22nd.

May be his quote will be saved once again, or not.

UPDATE: We wished to waking up to good news but a deep disappointment. Oscar nominees will be: Israel, France, Germany, Austria and Japan.
Three Monkeys, beautiful and lonely again...


  1. You are a woman of such varied interestes, Nihal. I am constantly surprised by the posts that you do and they are always, always so interesting!! Best wishes that the Turkish film will be a winner. I am tuned to the Oscars every year. The first years I watched just so I could see Elizabeth Taylor in some lovely gown. I was a young fan! :-) Check out my blog for today Wednesday and read my thoughts on the inauguration. Have a good day!!!

  2. Keske devami gelseydi. Uzulmemek gerekir, ilk 9 icine girmek bile bugune dek yasamadigimiz mutluluk ve de basari oldu bence.