Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Word. One Purpose.


We each can stand in our own little places and allow a more lovely and ultimately beautiful picture of humanity to come through. This is what makes anything we do worthwhile paying attention to what is in front of us and inviting others to think and/or join us along the way. If there's one thing I've learned about the community (building) is this: if you can't change, talk about it. Because you're invisible if you can't participate.

So, with that in mind, the news I'm about to tell now is absolutely worth to mention as each single one captured my attention and my appreciation. They all talked only for one word:

{1} Peace in the world. The incident all we experienced, what has happened is really upsetting, and not just between Israel and Palestine, but it's an event that brings instability to the entire region not, but whole world. Some of you reacted 'sensitively' than others to the developments in the region. For a bite-size preview, here's what they said, and click on the links to continue:

''As of today, more than 1,000 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 5,000 seriously injured during the Israeli assault on Gaza.'' For the people of Gaza and Lighting a candle for Gaza

-Tara of Paris Parfait // France

''The Belgian gov't rescues 6 Palestinian children. You can imagine how proud I felt of my adopted country when I read this: ... at least 200 families in Belgium volunteered to host the parents of the wounded children.'' Belgian government operation

-Di of Woman Wandering // Belgium

''We cannot control the outcome of our actions. Human beings can live with more compassion, with more care of another, with less prejudice and racism and fear. There are wise ways of solving conflict that await our hands and our hearts.'' Sending a prayer to Gaza today... Would you join me?

-Alex of Gypsy Girl's Guide // USA

''Is peace possible?''

-Dick of Eye on Texel // The Netherlands

{2} Heart-wrenching unforgettable images. Of the wounded and de
ad. A little girl from Gaza; she's poor, helpless, innocent, very scared like a dove:

When kids kill, it means the innocence kills. The loss of innocence means the death of the humanity. I want to HOPE that children won't get killed. Iraqi, Afghan, Gazan or African -no matter where or which land are they from. But they are our future, and they have to LIVE! I believe the children should be taught to love, not hate. Please do let the innocent people live, do not darken the people's lives. My sensibility on the issue; Peace and humanity.

In the meantime, the injured Palestinian children have been brought to Turkey for their medical treatment, read the rest of news

{3} Violence-as-power? Do you have the courage to resp
ond this? Yes, I think you do have, so does Yossi. As Haaretz reporter Yossi Melman described it, ''Israel has created an image of itself of a madman that has lost it.'' Read his analysis about Israel should have embraced UN's Gaza truce proposal, and Read about who will save Israel from itself?

{4} Turkish Jewish community concerned. Community expressed their concern, said: ''We, as Turkish Jews who are an inseperable part of the
Turkish Republic, are greatly saddened. We have been living on this land for centuries, speaking and thinking in Turkish, and fulfilling all our duties as citizens. We see ourselves as a fundamental part of Turkey.'' Prayers for peace, as well as for the dead and the wounded, were given in all synagogues in Turkey last Saturday. Read the rest of news

{5} Obama for world peace. My belief that ''Women are bolder than men.'' has been confirmed once again:)

First grandmother, Sarah Obama, who spoke to Defne Barak, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet's US journalist, as seen in related clipping above, said that she has high hopes for him: ''I'm going to ask him to work hard and achieve world peace, to stop all the fightings in many places around the world. I'm also going to ask him to work hard for a better economy around the world. We need peace.''

Read the full interview with her
in turkish, or in english

Defne in her home
on the shores of Lake Victoria
in western Kenya,
Jan 10th

And, grandmother Obama continued to say ''I expect both Barack and Michelle to give me a detailed tour of the White House.''

On a side note; well imagine being inside the White House! Because indeed I was there. Visiting the White House and see where those important decisions are taken was key area of my concern. Gorgeous Rose Garden, West Wing, East Wing, Press room, other offices... all were really fantastic! Her wish reminded me the tour of White House that I got in 2000 when Clinton was the President. I hope she gets a tour inside, and enjoy it as much as I did:) Sorry for not publishing a photo of me taken there as it'd take some of my time to search my so deep and big archive and go to scanning; sure I'll make it one day here.


Sometimes, life's road takes you to places where you just meet the nice people as well as nice places.
People are too smart and well-connected to do really!

Thank you, as you did not remain silent.

or, in turkish as it goes like:

Tesekkurler, susmadiniz.

All about PEACE.

And PEACE for all.

That's the point.


  1. Yes, Nihal, peace for all. We need it so desperately, this is another good article. Tks for highlighting and keeping everything focused. Have a good week ahead :D

  2. This is another beautiful and thoughtful post! Peace!

  3. Hi Nihal

    Peace in the world is always wished for -- unfortunately terrorism is peace's enemy.

    I hope that both Palestine and Israel will be able to end the terrorism of Hamas, and peace can finally be obtained, and the innocent will not die.

    Tomorrow I look forward to seeing our new President take office and I have hope that he will bring forth the change he so fervently called for. There is much that needs to be done, but one thing for sure, terrorism must be defeated -- for the safety of all countries!

  4. I hope for peace all over the globe but it's hope against reality, good post.

  5. You know, I pray for peace and acceptance of our fellow man daily. It seems so many want peace, and it is the lesser that resist. Why can't the majority win? Isn't it supposed to be right over might?

  6. Your posts about and for world peace are very moving. So many want it but the ones in power seem to have another agenda. We need to continue to make our voices and our wishes heard.


  7. Pat;

    You're wrong. Listen:

    YES, terrorism is peace's enemy. If it's so, you should give all your fighting against terrorism, right? Yes, it should be done so.

    Here's a very good example:
    As Turkey, we are. Terrorism is also our problem for yrs and yrs, and Turkish forces have NOT killed any Iraqi people, 'any innocent people in Iraq. But they are targeting only abt terror group.

    What does Israel???

    Does everything to destroy peace!

    Of course, Israel has a duty to protect its citizens from attack and terrorism. But this should not be killing the innocent, because that's the worst thing!

    Aren't we all human being? Aren't we want peace? But it can never be achieved killing the innocent civilians. However we see Israel has always found, and finds an excuse to invade and kill innocent!

    And, the current picture looks like more than fighting against terror by Israel.

    I wonder if Israel has bigger plans in the Middle East..?

    I hope NOT!

  8. Thank you Nihal for sharing today with us.

  9. Thanks for the nod and the links. Peace is something we all long for, especially as what harms one, harms all in this vast global village. Paix. Peace. xo