Saturday, January 17, 2009

Following You, Darling!

They are the things I like very much. I'm starting with my closet, which means out the warm sweaters and in with the comfy, light dresses and tops, skirts:

My tennis pants. I like sleek style of the Nike court women's.

My little. Wool. Yellow guy. Where were you till now? How I missed you...

My V-neck tennis tee shirt. From Adidas. I know today my charisma is below zero;) Hey it's my easy day, light day. Beautiful sun and Saturday here:)

My winning matches shoes. Pretty important part of a game! I have tried several tennis shoes but this is my favorite: very, very strong pair from Slazengers --exceptionally my Adidas'.

And, what a glorious day! Let the sun shine in. I like the feeling when the sun washes my face early in the morning, starts to glowing gently from my window. Frankly I dislike my alarm clock because it's loud and startle me. Did I ever tell you I'm the daughter of Sun:)

Don't really know how it came to be weekend quickly. Weekend now. Hard to believe the first 16 days of 2009 is already over. Shall I continue to call 2009 as new year, or a year started getting older?

As busy as I have been, I am happy to say that I spend a good portion of the weekend being in hot corners like reading at home and visiting museums --if its winter, going outside --if its spring and summer.

But, today is different...
I guess you'll be surprised because our weather is again back to be spring-like. I certainly felt like April in Istanbul this week long. One thing I know very sure, I live in a very dynamic and changing, colorful world, that I most of the time fully appreciate: one day rainy, next snowy, other day too hot... A very often weather change and surprising in an unexpected moment, just like today.

How do you feel, but I'm in the middle of some serious Spring. I so hardly wait to waking up with the birds, going on some hikes, smelling fresh greens...

Today I follow you darling,

it's you. Sun!

I'm ready.

ff to play with passion,

tennis. I love, love, love it!

Before I let my racket do the talking, I was wondering if any of you is off to some sports, in January? If so (or not) which is your favorite sport you like to practice?


  1. Are you the daughter of my nephew Benjamin? He is the Sun...! He is five years old and he likes to run around in his shorts, he never gets cold, because he is fire :-)

  2. We must be related then, in a weird way ^_^

  3. Ah, I wish we were in some "serious Spring weather". It is another windy, snowy day here in Minnesota but at least it is not below zero. We had three straight days this past week at -15 every morning and never rising above zero any day!! I like to walk. However, I like to do it when it is warm and no ice or snow on the road. Makes walking too difficult. In winter, my sport is going up and down the stairs to my sewing room. :-)

  4. Good afternoon pretty Nihal! I wish I could do the same and throw away all my winter cloths and fill my closet with light ones... but unfortunatedly winters are long here and I still have more of it to come... yuck! I'm so hungry for spring... ;) You have a lovely rest of the weekend, sweet lady...

    Love ya!


  5. I dont play tennis but I can imagine you packing a powerful swing. have a fun day :D