Tuesday, January 06, 2009

End Of Brotherhood


One morning, I wake up and I realize the world has changed. Then I admit to myself that the humanity has not. And I want it to change. But it never does. It never does change back. It gets even the worst.

Instead of delivering some infant food, a piece of chocolate, bread, toys for the poor babies...

Still targeting, still throwing bombs and rockets on them

Since Dec 27th, 2008

More important, the inexplicable thing is that the whole world is silent while the raining of death on Gaza continues!

Love.. peace.. brotherhood.. humanly feelings.. humanity.. Where are those values gone? Are they not the values that we often talk every second we breathe? Why are they hidden behind our pens? I see that those words are so artificial so empty, and nearly a lie!

Israel's onslaught in Gaza led to ''profound regret and disappoinment'' in me.

I am pissed off.

I am frustrated, angry, hurt, sad, and..

I feel ashamed to be a part of this humanity. I do really.


  1. Dear Nihal,
    It is so sad. The ones that could help, refused. The ones that wanted to help are helpless. So many unnecessary deaths. I will never support war, I don't understand them and I don't want to know the rationale behind it. All I can say is the world watches with grief and sadness, and sadly, more violence will provoke a longer term ongoing war. We can only pray. Is there no end to this problem. Good post Nihal.

  2. You're not alone in your frustration and anger. I think it can be very hard to know what to do to "fix" things.

    I feel there is little I can do other than work toward peaceful relationships with my family...my neighbors...my co-workers...in what I hope is an ever expanding circle of peace. I have to have faith that if that is the way I live...it will spread. And that someday we will hit the tipping point and the world will finally see a lasting peace.

    I am so sorry for your pain and for the pain of all those caught up in war.

  3. I agree, the turning point can only come when forgiveness is shown. This doesn't even look like "an eye for an eye" but "all of your family members eyes and other body parts for scratching our surface". It is deranged madness. It is common knowledge there is nothing the VN are able to do. European observers got killed last year by Israeli fire, pretendedly by accident. America has always supported this injustice.

  4. Oh yes it is very sad indeed for the people who only want to live a normal life. It seems to me the problem will never end and I really don't know who are the good ones and who are the bad ones, it is a rotten world and "WHY" is it like that?

  5. Nihal,
    I can hear the pain in your post and feel it in my own heart. When first word came of the strikes, I could not believe it for this was during a time of supposed "Peace on Earth". I do not understand any of the issues anymore and wonder if anyone on earth really understands why anyone thinks that war and battle is the answer to anything. Somehow, someway, someday there will have to come a time when a truce is drawn. I pray for this for that is all I can do.

  6. I don't understand this situation. I don't believe violence or war coming from any one or any country is the answer. I like what Liza B said "work towards peaceful relationships with my family, my neighbors, and my co-workers in the hopes of expanding the circle of peace."

  7. I just stopped by to say hello! It's probably a bit difficult for you to hear me with all of that bombing going on in Gaza but that's been going on since the 1940's and I doubt we will ever see lasting peace between Palistine and Israel.

  8. I protest the uncivilised acts of killing children and women and innocent citizen of Palestine in Gaza by Israelis

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