Friday, January 09, 2009

Since 1957...

Since 1957 it improved. The benefits gained from getting there are incredible. Its impact on our daily life grows enormously. Thanks to it, our communication becomes timely and frequently. I think noone would like to have a life without it: internet

Here's a historic voyage of this most over-whelmingly fantastic event of our life, explaining the clarity and simplicity of our communication method with an animated documentary, play:

Tebrikler Melih (=Congrats) for this amazing motiongraphics work, Turkish visual artist from Mainz, Germany. Other works done by him can be seen on here

Let me hope this trend continues into exploration, may be a manned exploration, perhaps that might bring us closer, why not? Everybody's got to have a dream and it's my dream for the near future before next 30 years are up:)

What about you? I was wondering what kind of tech-related dream/s you have? Don't be shy;)


  1. Tech-related you said, well let me think.
    My dream is that there was a clean energy source that could give the whole world energy for free. That would make things much more better.
    Of course I like the internet too and it can bring people together, for example since I know you a little bit my look to Turkey has changed too. It's not that I didn't like Turkey but it was an unknown country for me. So the internet has changed my view in a good way.

  2. We've come so far we forget how it all started!

  3. I would hate to imagine going back to life without the internet. Too bleak!

    I like technology that supports saving our Earth. No more landfills, and no more toxicity.

  4. @ Dick: Agree with you, the internet has changed our life in many ways. As far as the blogs, the power is absolutely in our pens: to change others' views either in (+) way or (-) way. That is why I think all we have to be honest, careful and objective when bringing any issue/ information/news/thoughts here on our pages. Because it's really not worth to make a 'noise' breaking ties between people and countries on the blogosphere as there is many, so many important issues in the world! Is it difficult to be ''good and constructive examples with our thoughts''?

    Back to your view about Turkey, I'm glad to hear your good change. Should I be promoted to become the On-line Culture and Tourism Minister of Turkey, what do you think;)

  5. Yes, I think you should be promoted, but only when you invite me to Istanbul and show me the city. After that I can tell the Dutch people the positive things of Turkey. lol.
    I've red in the newspaper that the internet causes 2% of the total CO2 emission just as much as all airtraffic, can you believe that?

  6. What Dick said. The few weeks of frost that we had and I for my part very much enjoyed, but with the awareness of the gas conflict of Rissia and Ukrania in the background.. people dying of cold in Hungaria, made me realize once again how important (clean!) energy is.

    Internet is very important, extremely important because it is a means of sharing knowledge.

  7. @ Dick: Yes I do. Yes in our modern world. CO2 does pollute! So true.

    On the other hand, may be most of us do not know it but with respect to CO2 and the other gases we already have our 'pollutions rights'. Did you know this? Because no one prevents us from driving our air-conditioned cars, buying hi-tech tools, working w/ computers, flying to the other side of the world, eating strawberries in winter and turning the heating full on at home and in the workplace. Indeed we all are making full use of these 'rights' because CO2 emissions associated with transport, accommodation, the workplace, and agriculture have increased the most since 1990!

    Finally, we cannot avoid producing CO2 emissions when we do these all above. Global warming poses particularly difficult problem because CO2 is not produced by a few major emitters who can be identified and dealt with, but by millions of minor ones. Reports say that 60% of gas emissions come from cars 20%, home and office heating 20% and agriculture 20%.

    This is why carbon offsetting makes so much sense. The biggest difficulty is the number of these said minor emitters. And if we don't take action on becoming 'CO2 neutral' global temperatures will continue to rise. In short, this means we all need to taking responsibility for living sustainably within our means with a feeling of reverence for all the earth provides for us instead of treating it with utter disdain by wasting resources.

    You see I started to less blogging less researching on the net:) I know it'll be my weakness but this world, this nature is worth, it's much more beautiful than this cold screen, I'll personally do my best to save this planet:)

    So- you are a very good lead example on this way, Dick:) 4 posts per month. How economic usage of computer:)

    As for your interest in visiting Istanbul, ohh you're ALWAYS welcome. But are you sure taking a flight? Think twice CO2 emissions and this tiny little 'wonderful' blue world, lol:)))