Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Silence Always Gold?

High up in the Swiss mountains, the snow melted away after a Turkey-Israel clash in Davos:)

Turkish PM left the stage after he was cut off by the debate moderator David Ignatius who's Washington Post journalist, while responding to remarks made by Israeli President Peres and expressing his opinions clearly, sincerely and emotionally about the fresh subject of crime and inhumanity in Gaza, which world leaders failed to do so during last months.

I want to call those who make inequitable and wrong criticism on Turkey: ''
There is no freedom of speech or freedom of expression in Turkey.'', and ask now:

Turkish PM is banned at the World Economic Forum in Davos?

All I understand from this 'fortunate' incident is that you are to be silenced. The same wher-ever-you-go!

Last but not least, you should really ask yourself this simple question: do you know who you're talking to?

Read the full article: heated debate of One minute


  1. Silence? Neither silver nor gold these days. It's very good to see Turkey is always different than others and to tend surface as stable and peacemaker. I like your journalist spirit sista as you don't hesitate to make your feelings known:) xx

  2. @ Bengi: What is so awesome is that this happening brought back the 'lost' spirit of Davos. I think the world won't forget this new 'Braveheart' movie;)

  3. Without saying who is wrong or right I think everybody has the right to speak, it was not nice.

    Do you know who you are talking to? Well most times I do but many times they don't listen. lol

  4. Nihal, my hats off to your leader. Now how many will do that, stand up and tell 'him' off. To me, he's a hero, brave to say what's on his mind, and all of us here applause him. You once mentioned that synagogues, churches and mosques were built next to each other. That is the true spirit of religion. I am absolutely against violence and war. A death of one person saddens me, let alone so many. Let's still pray for peace, when many have given up on hope..I think there is now. Have a good Sunday.

  5. @ Dick: To know how far one can go is the point. There's a 'secret' dispatch when I've said 'do you know who you are talking to'.
    Who don't listen you;) Chin up dear, if you need a friendly ear you know I'm here:)