Thursday, February 05, 2009

Most Productive Passion

Ooo my, what a lovely photo, blue sea and yacht as I ever dreamt of..
Handsome guy..
And, heavenly beautiful spring-like outside today..

When all of these factors come together, you can't expect from me such thing as inappropriate:)

A life of significance, bringing love, joy and passion to the work you do and the people who are touched by it...

The sad reality for most is that the answer is a resounding 'no'.


When I do look around me, I see so many people live life with less passion, joy, love and significance than they could simply because they don't understand how to live a purpose driven life.. what it is they are here to contribute and to learn in this life-time. If you feel like living a shadow existence and your inner light is no longer glowing it means that you are not living in passion, joy and love. They can easily become trapped in the grind of daily existence, making a living rather than living a life. However, understanding how to live a purpose driven life is one of the keys to living each day in delight, regardless of the 'joy' you may find yourself in.

Other important reality that I can't passing by, YES times are though! Whether it's yourself, a friend, family member... everyone knows someone has been affected by the economic situation. Jobs are less secure today, and hard to find a better one. Every sector has been hit. The news is awful and really painful from day to day.

But this all doesn't mean your attitude has to go down with current events.
If your days are not filled with passion, joy and love, but are merely one grind after another, then do something about it. Just as passion is catching so too is misery, in fact misery seems to spread so much more quickly. I think a life full of passion isn't really that difficult -all you need to do is spend a bit of time understanding what means for you and then deciding to live that way each day. Simple really:)

As Abraham Lincoln said, ''The people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.''
Yup, happiness is this: a state of mind and a choice.

I would like to introduce you Gilles as seen above, who's driven by ''love and work, and the love of work.'' And his choice. And his passion.

Gilles Valentin arrived in Istanbul 8 years ago to work in the publishing industry. This oh-la-laaa native Frenchman travels extensively, but
deeply loves his adopted city, bunu duymak cok hosuma gitti:) He said ''Every time I land back in town, I am taken by that homey feeling again, and I feel at ease, surrounded by the sea, the ancient and the modern, the crowd and the (rare) emptiness.''

Oh it's so clear that this is his Istanbul, and glad to see that his Istanbul is not different from my Istanbul:)

In an excellent interview done with Gilles, you'll see how he's a driven guy with his passion. Here's a brief overview of what's asked for:

1.Is there any particular place in Istanbul that represents the spirit of the City?

Where do you go for a blow-out lavish sort of evening?

What's the most memorable meal you've had in Istanbul?

Where do you like to go on a sunny day when you want to be outside?

What's your favorite local place that you wouldn't necessarily recommend to tourists?

Interested what he replied back? Don't miss, read Valentin's Istanbul

As I say always, I'm not interested in taking sides but rather I'm interested in seeing @ reading @ listening @ meeting bright minds like Gilles. Who talks only truth and see the facts like us locals. He gives a good summary on those places where I, too, enjoy going
: Ortakoy, Angélique, Banyan, Mikla Pera, Asitane, Abracadabra, Kuzguncuk, Cengelkoy...

Don't let it dream...

Hope to see you ALL in person if we are at the same place at the same time in ISTANBUL:)

After I made my wish, now my ears. Tell me, tell me, tell me:

What are the people around you catching from you? Is your life fulfilling to you? Driven person, or a led person you are?

Psst. All welcome; but I want honest, only honest comments please:)


  1. My choosiness, I guess. I don't like and approve everything easily, particularly at work. I'm driven one by my boring staff at work:( My current life is fulfilling at 50:50 I dream of my own business one day, hope one day soon.
    Hey dikkatimi cekti guzel bir soyadi var Valentin, lol:))
    Well, great article, thanks Ms Motivator:-)

  2. Your words are so beautiful and full of passion;) I try to delight in each new day and learn something new from it;) be Happy!

  3. @ Bengi: Konuyu nasil da cekiyorsun hemen. Oysa biliyorsun, konuya esprili yaklasmak hosuma gidiyor, tabi herkes anlamiyor -o ayri birsey. Oyle bir cabam da yok, bilirsin, alirim basimi giderim. Yoksa ileriyi goremem, arkama bakacaksam:) Hah motivator, hosuma gitti bu yeni sifatim, merci chere xo

  4. Yes you are right sis. Ben de sana takiliyorum cunku we can't take ourselves too seriously all the time.

    Noticed, what a superb day N! The smell of fresh air, bright aqua sea wrapping aroud us.. Unbelivable, where do we live in, Istanbul? or, any tropical area?

  5. Nihal, My blog has kept me very busy lately and I have had no time to wander over and read. Today I am catching up on some blog reading of my own. Honest answers only....What are the people around you catching from you? They catch my smile which only yesterday someone said was "a very nice smile". I have a nice handshake, too, that says "welcome, I'm glad to meet you!" They catch my enthusiasm for doing something creative. Is your life fulfilling to you? Honest answer. There is more that I want to do and I see it just on the horizon. I am reaching many people with my blog and some volunteer work that I do. I never thought of myself as driven but that would describe me today. There was a time when I was only a follower. I am so much more happy with life after realizing the joy there is when you make your own choices and don't depend on someone else to always lead the way.