Friday, February 06, 2009

Slow Down








What a day!!!


The gentle breeze through my hair, the cloudless bluest of blue skies, swimming fishes -oops birds;) in the air, the hum of the ferry boats motor, the fresh sea spray on my face, and the sparkling sun on the water making it look like liquid gold in the highlights...

I just wanted to end the day with a few shots from my world. I thought each one would run pretty parallel in my senses: residences, Bagdat Avenue, cotton jackets and happy faces, graffiti, flowering primulaceaes in the Goztepe Park, and gorgeous sunset in the beach. Anatolian part of the City, where I love to live, where I am inspired by.


  1. Aaaah, this looks so nice, lucky you.

  2. So beautiful. I wish I was there with you, but I will make myself happy with all of my blessings.

  3. Once again, your weather mimics ours, or vice versa. We had a nice day with a bit of sun, I enjoyed being outside. But it was not as lovely as your photo's, by far.

    I also really like the photo in the side bar of the dancer with a flower as her skirt, and the Turkish words. Turkish is a nice sing-song language, such a pity that I can not understand it at all ... I'd like to learn :-)

  4. Inspiring day, I miss the sea a lot....Happy weekend ;D

  5. @ Thyme: Aren't we social beings? So cool to see, we naturally gravitate towards those who we perceive to be like us - like-minded or like-interests:)
    Disjointed days at this time of the year here; yesterday sunny today rainy but mostly mildly, I like it. Stable days to be seen after March.
    As for turkish language, with such a rich language, culture, and people, Turkish certainly is an important language to learn.
    As you 'understand' me perfectly, I-like-dancing-with-words:)