Sunday, February 08, 2009

One-Minute Factor

In the midst of Davos I asked myself: if there was a funnier moment?

Keeping up with the media circus and reporting on political leaders has always been more humorous than the funny pages.
As proliferation is great, that's why I like political news with a goodly amount of humour. No need to tell, sense of humor really worked at its best in this country after the event(!) of one-minute:)

Here are a few of my favorite political cartoons I picked this week, that made me hold-my-gut laughing:

The man head butts the world.

Turkish PM: You have a very strong voice. I feel that you perhaps feel a bit guilty, and so you have been so strong in your voice, so loud. You killed people.

Translator to Peres: Erdogan loves you, Mr President. He gives good examples from the art of public speaking. Noone could be luckier to hear such good words, but you.

Do not hope mon chére-ism from me.

(French: Mon chére, English: My dear)

(Turkish: Ortadogu, English: Mideast)

Turkish PM: Repeat now "One Minute"
People: "ONE MINUTE"
Turkish PM: Here you guys learned the language of english. You've no problem hereafter.

Turkish PM: Let's assume, if or when I become hothead...

The man who saved the world.

Turkish PM: I did tell nothing to Peres, but to the moderator!

In summary:

(1) Politics- Expectations need to be set and communicated clearly.

(2) Life- When politics is sour, make jokes about it:)
When life is bitter, make a lemonade or a lemon cake;)

Week ending, the end of humour does not.

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  1. Haha..Nihal, that was fun, and I love jokes and cartoons, it lifts up my dreary days at times :D