Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Princess Among Princes

Old and chaotic.

A huge melting pot.

More like a biblical city, rather than a place of work.

Proud capital for the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans.

Named and renamed from old Stamboul, Constantinople and today Istanbul.

Culturally benefits from the tension between tradition and modernity, it's a lovely mess, I think.

Need more?

If you'd like to know more about this Princess, that's Istanbul, famous travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler prepared 27-pages article under the name of ''Istanbul: The City of Mysteries, where east and west meets.'' at its latest February issue.

"If there was a single country in the world, Istanbul would be its capital." said by Napoleon Bonaparte is the first sentence of the latest edition of magazine cover story. The most interesting part in the article is where the editor, Bernardo Fuertes confesses he is head over heels in love with Istanbul.

Magazine published in Spain, accordingly distributed in Spain, U.S., England, Italia and Greece for who might be interested in.

In case you did not find it, you should not worry. Let me say there's nothing like discover any beautiful lady with real eyes;) Search the cyberplace because there are exciting good deals on airfares and hotels nowadays!


  1. I've learned so much about Istanbul since I first found your blog. Definately a place I'd love to visit.


  2. I'm am definitely going to read this. It looks like such a wonderful city.

  3. I think I'll have to look for this at the bookstore. The library may also have it, but it looks like I should have my own copy. When we visited Turkey, we only changed planes in Istanbul so I did not get to see the city at all. I really enjoyed our time in Antalya so hope one day to return and see all there is to see in Istanbul!! In the meantime, thanks for letting me see Istanbul through your eyes and your blog!!

  4. Ever since I started reading Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul stories have I wanted to visit this city. One day ... ;-)

  5. Toplanti yerine Istanbul turu yapmak nasil hosuma giderdi ahh! Hava da gene guzellesti, ne sansliyiz soguklar sadece 1-2 gun suruyor artik xo.

  6. Wow looks amazing - wish I could visit!

  7. There's so much written about Turkey and I wish I could just pop over like that easily, you're a good ambassador for Turkey :D