Saturday, February 21, 2009

Truly Fantastic Balcony

Ali, Laura, Frederik, Bengi, Joy, Michele, Sam, Deniz, I and you and others...


We ALL live under the same sky and delight its beauty. I'm wondering how many of us hold heads up high and look up to the sky?

Vista dal Monte Sant' Elia (alto m. 584)
su piana di Gioia, spiaggia di Palmi -Costa Viola

Don't move down before clicking over the photo to enlarge, and see how truly fantastic that's il panorama sul mare.

This photo is from my travel that I took when I was in the province of Reggio Calabria, on one of the most, most, most beautiful crystal clear seas in Italy. It's the slopes of the Mount Sant' Elia. While the sea is long, the hills form an edge that's like a balcony onto the southern extremity of Thyrrhenian Sea, towards the centre they merge into a wavy lowland that's exactly adorable Palmi, the most fertile and populated lowland in Calabria.

Palmi con un comune di circa 19.500 abitanti has the privilege of being a city of so wonderful beaches and hills. I should say that Palmi is not only a heaven for nature lovers, but also a city in which the history interestingly evolved since the time of its foundations, from 10th century by the fugitives from Tauriana.

One of the gorgeous hills that I've ever seen in my life so far, so rooted deeply inside me, so missed being again there... that the words become insufficient, ah silence fills air now...


  1. Beautiful.

    Yes, we all live under the same sky, though mine is very snowfilled right now.....

  2. Oh my gosh! This takes my breath away. There are no words to describe.

    My sky was a beautiful and clear blue today, but a bit of chill in the air.

  3. Unfortunately most of the time my eyes can't look at blue sky but locked on this screen either my laptop or mobile phone, blackberry..
    Got your message sis. Today I'm planning to go out and spend long hours looking skies:)

  4. I wish to go to Italy Nihal. Yes, I look look at the sky every night when I lie down on the garden chair with hubby. the children are on their own doing something and at times like this, I just love it, the stars and moon never fail to amaze me. Hope you'll have a good week Nihal, with the recession looming, me gotta work harder and blog lesser..I hope, though not really happening now.

  5. Fantastic panorama and very impressive photo!