Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Brilliant Red Jewels

She's so beautiful, this lotus flower, as are her sisters.

Not a one of them is perfect, but each is completely adorable. Just can't at this moment think of any more gorgeous thing than the pink surrounds of a fuschia pink lotus.

What I want to say is life is beautiful, dangerous and death certain. We may as well enjoy the ride as much as and for as long as we can. For myself this means, today enjoying the heavy spring raining outside -though I'm a crazy sun lover... painting my toenails in pink... turning up my favorite aria to max volume... and giving a fight against a bad flu that I got for a week long...

So- I'd like you to know that.. I always enjoy your company! Different perspectives. Different stories. Different places. Different emotions. Lots of enthusiasm and promises of never ending, on my daily blogs' reading. What makes it possible?


Merit can be bought but passion can't. I believe that this people who are going to change and become influencer are those who want to. We are working on a lot of internal communications thru our little spaces for this very reason: to uncover and support the people with passion!

I don't know if it happens to you, but I sometimes feel "fell in love" moment with some people, and I realize that I've known you for a big part of my life. That's the flow in life. And, there is so much more out there to explore!

Exploration, yes I like exploration. Because our b
rain loves novelty. Because we mostly love all that's new and different. As we start learning and growing, we want to move on to higher and higher.

Accordingly what happens is we develop a relationship of giving and taking with someone through their content. In this connection, I have some Special Thank-You's I need to get out to my dear friends who awarded me. I've been in a flu mood all week but their being gracious
was just the C-vitamine effect I needed more than my medicines:)

3 awards + 4 brilliant minded people + 4 places

A day of being pampered;)

As for my appreciation I bought some fine silver jeweleries for my darling friends. Pendants with jade and earrings. See who's who with my brief notes, and what's my gift for them herewith:

Tesekkürler! Müge of The World of Wonder Turquette
in Istanbul presented me with the award of I love your Blog

Although your memories may fade, your photographs should always tell the story and display a vivid portrayal of the occasion. Hers is about this! Providing meaningful photographs for life's good moments.

Her bilingual page in english and french. I'm so glad that our paths come cross in this blogosphere. I don't feel myself alone anymore;) Surprisingly we both live close to eachother.

Terima kasih! Ellie of Shine and Bloom in Indonesia presented me with the award of I love this Blog

A very fresh approach that she takes for flowers and thoughts. Good food for thought included in every post. Her observations about
re-discovering light for her heart and mind through her little eyes worth to read, don't miss!

Danke schön! Chris of Vincibene in Germany presented me with the award of I love this Blog

It's important to always remain open to new and creative ideas. Help yourself and visit hers, as she encourages everyone and generates new ideas. Isn't it time to get creative?!

Thank you! Cynthia of Muse Swings in my fave Sunshine State Florida presented me with the Sisterhood award

She is by herself. She let's us know who she is, what she is, what she believes, how she imagines, shines through every sentence she writes, every piece she finishes. She writes to live, and also to make a home in our minds. As said if writing is thinking, meet Cindi's thoughtful world!

That YOU deserve all recognition
and more. In reality, you are all so talented and appreciate the effort you put into your pages:)

Now do yourself a favor, and scan following interesting blogs that I'd like to pass my awards:

I Love Your Blog finds home at:

*Pietro's Pietro Brosio Gallery

I Love This Blog finds home at:

*Dina's Jerusalem Hills

*Kerrin's My Kugelhopf

*Diana's Please Sir

*Kat's Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes

Sisterhood Award finds home at:

Oh here you meet my sisters...

*Muge's The World of Wonder Turquette

*Beverly's How Sweet The Sound

*Stephanie's A Little Birdie Told Me So

*Maryam Kate's La Vie Est Belle

*Glennis's Doves Today

*Darla's Bay Side to Mountain Side

*Sandi's A Legacy of Stitches

~~A little question! Why not Brotherhood Award? There are successful male bloggers, and they deserve to be honored:)

I'm leaving you with a thought for the day:

If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself.


  1. That quote is going up on my bulletin board right now!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. Thanks also for posting a number of links for me to visit. I like connecting with people all over the world.


  2. Lovely - thanks for all your idea and the great link love!!

  3. Dear Nihal,
    This post was lovely as all your post's are but I "felt" this one. How do I describe how interesting I find your posts? I count my blessings daily and along with family and nearby friends, I count several bloggers. And you are one of three that I would hope someday to meet in person. I said "oh, my" outloud when I saw my blog listed under "Sisterhood" heading. I believe that is very fitting for the many friends I have her and spend time with often think of ourselves as Sisters. May I add your quote "If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies in yourself" to my blog?
    Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  4. Thank you for recognizing the bond our blogs have created.
    Be well, feel good soon.

  5. Nihal - You are so sweet to think of me. I have a collage of awards at the bottom of my blog and when I get the chance I will past yours into it. Thank you so much!
    I love yours too!


  6. You are welcome! Thank you for the beautiful comments! And the lovely earrings - I shall put them on my side-bar. Beautiful and thoughtful post! There is much to give thanks for every day - large and small things. If we look for them we will understand how God's Grace falls down on us every moment of the day. Even when things are not going well - we have only to be still and know He is there with us!

  7. Dear Nihal,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful words and this very special award which means a lot to me. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog, I’ve found not only a brilliant personality full of positive energy, strength, optimism and joy but also a True Friend, a Sister! :-)

    My best regards and wishes for You,



  8. Nihal,
    many thanks for the Award you give me. I'm so glad to receive it! With pleasure I'll put it in my sidebar, together with the link to your very fine blog.
    With my best wishes

  9. Thank you Nihal, for thinking of me as a sister! I have been lucky to find thoughtful, engaged, fun people on the internet and I count you as one of my sisters too! Like you, I think of my friends around the world as the jewels in my life.

  10. Awww!! I'm delighted! Thank you, Nihal, how very kind. I loved your opening photos and words.

    and yes - we are sisters! It's always so wonderful to come read your blog.

    - glennis, doves2day

  11. Do you also have a bad cough with that flu? I did! It was terrible, now it is almost gone and I know I have something to be thankful for...

    The lotus is beautiful :-)

  12. Selamat pagi Nihal..or good morning in Bahasa and Indonesia too :D Firstly, you deserved all those awards and much more and again, thank you for thinking of good ol' me. It's funny, with never ending work and limited time, I try to cut down on blogging but it's not getting the cutting down part. I am drawn to it, well, addicted actually..not so much of just blogs but to the people behind it, as each and everyone is so special. It is amazing how we are able to connect and honestly, my best buddies seem to be from blog land. We all enjoy all your wonderful writtings and it is inspiring, and as usual, thought provoking too, yep, why no brotherhood..many there are much lesser male, or their interests are different from us. Have a great weekend Nihal, salam sayang..much love/M

  13. oh..I am off to see those wonderful friends of yours ;p

  14. Thank you very much for the wonderful pendant and your warm and beautiful words!
    And for the nice presentation!