Saturday, March 21, 2009

Granite and Wineglass


You are granite.
I am an empty wineglass.
You know what happens when we touch!
You laugh like the sun coming up laughs
at a star that disappears into it.

Love opens my chest, and thought
returns to its confines.

Patient and rational considerations leave.
Only passion stays, whimpering and feverish.

Some men fall down in the road like dregs thrown out,
Then, totally reckless, the next morning

they gallop out with new purposes.
is the reality, and poetry is the drum,

that calls us to that. Don't keep complaining
about loneliness! Let the fear - language of that theme

crack open and float away. Let the priest come down
from his tower, and not go back up!


In a sum of this poem..
The lover coming into contact with the Beloved is like a wineglass coming into contact with the reality of granite. "You know what happens when we touch!" Presumably, the wineglass shatters, and "Love opens my chest." Love is the contact that opens or breaks the self-centered ego.

Does the world need a poetry day? Yes, it does. Because p
oems are the best tool to express ourselves as well as love. While emotions find the thought, thoughts find the words. In honor of this day, wish I could have some talent to write my own poem...

If I can't, I wanted to share a poem from my most liked, the most influential poets of the world, Rumi as above, and so get an opportunity to remember poets around the world as well. Be sure to check out my previous post about Him: Divine Love

Let's celebrate UNESCO's declaration of today, the World Poetry Day since 1999.

(*) Above is very lovely stone paperweight set (3); I hand-painted with Rumi's dervish figurines. One of my hobbies is rock painting.


  1. Thank you for the lovely poem. Your rock paintings are great. You've been keeping that talent secret from us - its is wonderful.


  2. "Kaya&Cam Kadeh"...cok hassas bir iliski aralarindaki...bir hareket ile hersey bitebilir :)

  3. I love your whirling dervishes! What type of rock did you paint them on. They look blue, are they?

    Happy World Poetry day to you too!

  4. @ Steph: Sometimes I use round rocks, sometimes flat rocks. Depends on the use of my design on the rock. When I take a trip to the river or mostly down to the beach and summer holidays, I like picking my natural rocks. It's also possible that stones can often be purchased from any craft store (floral departments). IKEA and Bauhaus are the ones that I can buy my rocks.
    With a pencil or chalk the basic shape of the figure/animal/plant/etc can be sketched in. Paint can either be applied thickly or in many delicate layers in a watercolor technique depending on the effect desired. As for the paint, acrylic paint is the ideal medium for my rock painting both for its durability and quick drying time. Then I varnish on it.
    For these rocks, they have a black background, and gold-color painted figurines. I think the light caused them to appear blue, but they are on a black base.

    Rock painting is a very fun, clever, and exciting hobby! I love it. And I will show a few of my painted rocks in the days to come, soon.

  5. Yippee. I was hoping you would show some more of your work!