Sunday, March 22, 2009

Say Goodbye For White!

Sadly (or maybe happily) we being Istanbulians had no snowy winter like in the central and eastern parts of the country. For the last time, I wanted to have a look what we are leaving behind; here are gorgeous white-filled scenes in various parts of Turkey:

Yes, if it is
this beautiful white cat which has eyes with two different colors. Turkish Van Cat is native to the eastern part of the country, Van City and known as the world famous and most beautiful cat of the world! Böyle bir güzellik kimde var, ne olaganüstü, hastasiyim...

One more amazing winter scene...
Lake Abant of Bolu province in northwest Anatolia. Halen de gidip bulusamadim bu güzellikle...

End of white winter brings an absolute makeup that's fresh, feminine, romantic, sensual, and fun! With Spring in full-swing, I will see again...

butterflies tasting the lilac blossoms,
amazing branches of the cherry trees,
lots of paddle boats on the water,
snails on iris bud,
the orange colored poppies,
sunnier warmer days,
nice views of the Bosphorus through fantastic redbud trees...

No more words I have, but welcoming the new flirty season, and the third day of Spring:)

La dolce is seriously vita.


  1. The photo of the mittens is priceless. Yes, let's leave winter behind. I'm afraid it is cold and rainy here today tho. Weather in March in the Bay Area can be very unpredictable.


  2. Yeahhhh, let the winter behind us, it doesn't hurry to leave us.
    Nice pictures and post.

  3. I think the white stuff is gone around here for the year. We are fully into spring.

    The picture of the house in Anatolia is beautiful. I enjoy seeing scences of Turkey.

  4. Amazing photos, and for those having winter are wishing the sunny skies, whereby for us over here wishing to experience winter too. How lucky you are Nihal. Here's to a great and productive's Monday and way too busy for me, dont even have time to upload a new post, at least am still employed *wink* bye for now, love/maryam

  5. Very fine views. Here in Piedmont we still have snow over the 1200m: in town no more snow!

  6. What a beautiful blog you have! I just stopped by to thank you for the lovely comment you left on mine and am so glad you did as now I've found yours. This was a great goodbye to winter. Lets hope that it's gone for good.

  7. oh my snow is just beautiful in turkey! my first visit to your blog form steviewren's. lovely post!!

  8. Lovely pics , even if I'm not a fan of snow

  9. Hi Nahil,
    What great photos you share of white.
    That cat!! Is that your pretty cat?
    That photo of the rose with the snow!!

    Hope all is well in your world sweet one!


  10. My welcome wishes for new comers:

    @ Scintilla: Ah thank you for your lovely comment. Me too, feeling the same just like you. I enjoy reading your page, too.

    @ Julie: Hello to you:) Glad to seeing your surprise visit, and hope to read you again here.

    @ Constance: Picked those photos from our papers to support the content of my post. No, it's not my cat. Wish it could be. But it's very difficult to have a pet and live in a flat -very like me.