Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hope Before The Morning Come

Who sings it; Gimme Hope Jo'anna by Eddy Grant? No;) Click on the video, and listen this very restless song, in which our western exteriors smile at our internal easternness:

Even though some might see them as a group that "takes the great western hit songs and adapts them to oyun havasi style (English: Folk music) ", Dolapdere Big Gang's music is firmly rooted in forty years of painstaking effort. They have explored the depths of the impassioned crowds to find the heart of their energy, and mastered the art of merging two different worlds, the east and the west, with equal respect for and acceptance of both.

as artistically as it is entertaining, with each spirited and talented young musician bringing the most out of his instrument. One of my fave groups.

Interested for more?
Take a look at here


  1. I liked it. Their version was energetic and fun. And the guys were really cute!

  2. Unfortunately I can't watch the video: there is only a black rectangle on my computer screen.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hello Dear Nihal,

    This is a funny song mix! I didn’t know this band! Thank you for introducing them! :-)

    Have a perfect day!

    p.s. Access to has been banned by Adana Penal Court due to illegal content of some pirate blogs. I’ve opened a new blog at

  4. @ Pietro: Sometimes data transfer from daily motion can cause difficulties when playing the video. But it's not frequently happening. Hope may you re-play it as it does worth to listen.

    @ Müge: Really? Not heard before? As said, there are always Firsts:) Now you got to introduced Big Gang, and you too liked. Don't miss to listen their other songs like Big In Japan, Another Day in Paradise, Smooth..

    Sad to hear your moving into another space. I know it's boring fact of this country; banning blogs and put the innocent writers in hard situation. Anyway, I'll be enjoying to read yr stories via blogspot. Give it a try, and best luck, chere.