Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Kale Group is one of Turkey's leading industrial conglomerates built around a core ceramics business and two famous brands: Canakkale Seramik & Kalebodur

The Group not only dominates the local market with one of its brand names even having become the generic term for flooring tiling, it's the 4th largest tiles manufacturer globally.

The Orientile Collection designed for Canakkale Seramik & Kalebodur by Istanbul-based designer Can Yalman has been awarded the International Red Dot: Product Design 2009 Award for its use of the Ottoman and Seljuk culture motifs on three-dimensional ceramic tile.

Here is a company, and how it can become based on a design trend that leans towards orientalism with tiles:


Minimalist, modern and noble! Orientile represents a perfect fusion of the contemporary with the artistic heritage of Ottoman and Seljuk cultures. The riches of the Sultanete are here blended into the plainer visual language of our modern culture. With its special mold, Orientile gives the magic of three dimensions to previously flat walls, allowing the creation of vibrant and alluring spaces.

Kale's Orientile Series is available in 3-collections: Rumi, Feza and Aya. All of them features luxurious looks:


It's been inspired by golden ornamentation and tombac arts. The harmony of the past has been blended by modern values. I'm very sure Rumi's design will create simple elegance on the walls with its black-yellow color.


Rich in the historic tradition of Seljuk culture, these motifs are harmoniously blended into a contemporary design language. From a single quadrangular form, Feza tiles join to take a distinctive hexagongal, flower-like shape. Their fascinating geometric patterns will add rich colours and vibrant ambiance to any setting.


Its lineage descended from the rich embellishment of a Sultan's ceremonial robes. Directly inspired by Ottoman motifs. Riches once designed to please the spoilt eye of a Sultan have been given simple contemporary interpretations in colours like white, black, beige (in matt and glossy), bordeaux, mink and petrol blue colours.

..... What do you think of Orientile series? Which you liked the most above?

Orientile is a more than a tile collection, but it's an enormous choice of quality lines for those looking to create new and original surroundings, and for those with the imagination to believe that new perspectives can always add fresh life to tradition.

You would also be interested in a zoom-zoom images of Orientile Series of Ceramic tiles, which are quite interesting that featuring in unique patterns, burbled surface and diamond cut shape. All designed by Can:

+ "Good design is a life philosophy that affects the user, the manufacturer and the next generation. We strive for responsible design through research, understanding and technology implementation."

Can Yalman

Thanks to Bengi, my sister, who was kind enough to provide visuals and the detailed information for this article.


  1. Thank you Nahil, for sharing.
    This ceramic is the most beautiful tile I have ever seen.
    I'm going to send Di over to see.

  2. Well here I am and I am truly grateful that Constance (rochambeau) sent me. My favourite is the 1st one - a quilted bathroom, imagine that.
    Lovely blog and what a fabulous place to live. Greetings from a cold and windy England.

  3. Beautiful! I am still waiting for the tiles for my kitchen, but I am sure they will be nowhere near this nice! Maybe I should cancel them and redesign...

  4. these are beautiful, just gorgeous. we have tiles here, nothing near as pretty as those..they are truly magnificent. Happy weekend Nihal :P

  5. Gorgeous tiles, great post and beautiful blog, brava!
    And Istanbul? The most spectacular city in the world, in my opinion.

  6. Oh, I am partial to the "Feza" - it's the same colour that runs through my house on almost every wall.


  7. Mükemmel!!! Bayıldım!!! Congratulations to Can Yalman and Çanakkale Seramik! I'm proud of them! All these designs are very beautiful but my favourite one is Orientile. Rumi is also very chic! Thank you dear Nihal and Bengi for this wonderful post! Sevgiler, Öpücükler! :-)

  8. @ Di: Very kind of you and your nice comment, welcome to my home:) Thanks to dear Constance, so I got to know of you. A quilted bathroom sounds great, I like it. Sunny Spring Greetings from Istanbul~

    @ Lola: Warm welcome wishes goes to find you in bella Italia. Your lovely note got me smiling of so big:) Thank-you.