Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Cable

I know you will say me "Nihal, take a break and go to holidaying."
Maybe the headline might cause you to think that way.
However it's not the case.
What I'm waiting for is to see an ads one day that goes like this:

"Do you want to stop the high speed of modern life? Let's go and meet on the heavenly beautiful island of Blue Moon. Where it's isolated from radio, satellite, GSM, internet, TV, and kind of similar communication tools. It's the opportunity to slowing down, stop being busy, start being happy, .... and energy, leaving you less and less for what you want to do."

Well, back to my cable life again;) And, see the colorful and super sunny weekend here is. Life is still gorgeous although many cables exist around of me;)

Spring is definitely emerging here in Istanbul.
Opening the windows to the end. Can you, tell me?
Planting colorful wonderful daisies.
Viewing them in the balcony -just here above and below.

Somehow I miss without cable/internet/phone... Lately have you been longing for anything? What's yours? I'd love to know:)

May I wish you a slow and easy weekend:)


  1. Nihal, what splendid images! These daisies are so nice and colorful.
    Have a good Sunday!

  2. I would like to be on that heavenly island, WHAT, I am on an island only heavenly weather is missing.
    Nice pictures.

  3. I dearly want to take a week off work and stay home. I want to putter all day. Spending part of my time outside cleaning my yard and planting flowers. The rest of the time I want to start a painting. I want to paint something like the doodles I make at work. People with brightly colored faces. Blue shadows and yellows where the sunlight touches them.

    But reality is I need to use the time to visit my family that lives far away. I have a voucher for 1/2 of the price of the flight. I also must save vacation time for later this summer when I will help babysit so that my son can surprise his wife with a week away to Canada for their 10th anniversary. BUT, I am going to take at least a day off soon. Puttering is calling my name. Some people would call it spring fever.

  4. I am longing for beautiful flowers like those in your photos!! The landscape here is gray and spring has not yet blossomed. It's still too cold but perhaps in another couple weeks the green buds will appear on the trees and there will be some flowers that will begin to blossom. I almost bought bulbs and flower seeds this past week but I will wait until the time comes to plant. Otherwise, I'll get anxious and plant to soon and they won't grow! Thanks for sharing the lovely flowers!!

  5. I long to go to France, but we have to wait till July due to work, school, etc.
    Yesterday we had a lt of rain, but today the sun is emerging. Hope to take a walk in the afternoon.

  6. Nihal, many thanks for your kind words about Turin.
    Have a nice week ahead!

  7. I congrualiton for you to nice share,best wishes.

  8. I long to travel, mostly. Every time I visit your blog, I yearn for Turkey, not the edible kind, but for that splendid beach of Dikili, miles and miles away from Izmir and its stench. And then the mosques in Istanbul, the Bosphorus, the Black Sea below and the light in the awesome sky above... Ah, what vivid memories... Ciao and thanks for the floral support.

  9. @ Ilhami: How nice to hear a new voice that's from only a few kilometres away from Ist'l. Welcome to my page:)

    @ Lola: Sounds so interesting your comment, my gosh. Dikili? I'm surprised more than you could expect. Dikili has very rich cultural assets for tourism, as you know. Gives a service to tourists with its blue flagged beaches and also thermal waters.

    There in my summer house is under construction, and expected to finish over no longer than 2-yrs. I'd welcome to have you and enjoy the natural beauties of Dikili. Izmir as well as its surrounding like Dikili, is where I too often go for holidaying.