Monday, March 30, 2009

Unstoppable Espana

The current European champions Spain knew beforehand that this would be a tough match against semi-finalist in the last Euro2008 tournament, our Turkish team.

Tuncay Sanli,
Turkish's midfielder reacts
after missing a goal during the match

On Saturday night we showed a strategic game plan. We played very good. It wasn't expected. But having played worse in the second half of the game, we gifted the game to Spain that they were a finely tuned machine and managed to open up our players in one of the few chances that they had to score the only goal of the game, winning hard Turkish Team:

Mar 28 ~ Spain - Turkey: 1 - 0

And Spain moved clear at the top of Group V with a very victory against us in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on Saturday. Here's c
urrent standings in our Group as follows:

Next rendez-vous for two teams will be here in Istanbul one day after today. Hope unlucky Turkish team will be a force of a great game on Wednesday on home soil, and get deserved point as a part of its Group V-World Cup 2010 qualifying rounds.


  1. Thanks for the infor Nihal..though I must admit, I am no football fan ;p Have a great week Nihal..will be off travelling for the next few day...big hugs for the week and see you soon ;p

  2. I'm not a big football fan either - but nice to see your excitement!

  3. I wish good luck to our team! I hope they win! :-)

  4. Sorry to hear Spain beat Turkey. We have been happy with Denmark's and Northern Ireland's results. We're hoping for a great World Cup next year!