Tuesday, March 31, 2009



I* always go to the Dolomites (Italian: Dolomiti) in the north-east of Italy.
*Not me;)

There are lots of rock mountains. These formidable rock spires make up the Dolomites, yes Europe's most spectacular mountain range...!

A few more photos from my most recent travel when I was skiing there...

The Dolomites are named after a French geologist "Dolomieu", who was the first scientist to analyse the geological history of the mountains in the 17th century.

Originally the Dolomites were called the "Pale Mountains" as according to a local legend about a Prince who lived in the mountains and who wished to travel to the moon... Wow, how romantic dream it sounds, going to the moon:)

... One day his wishes were granted and while on the moon he fell in love with the princess of the moon. After marrying, they returned to the mountains. But after a couple of years the princess pined for pale mountains of the moon. Unfortunately the prince could not take her back to the moon because if he did he would go blind. But he had the good fortune to meet a group of homeless gnomes who's in exchange for a home in his kingdom weaved rays of the moonlight into a fine gossamer that they covered the mountains with creating the pale colour the mountains are no famous for, and so the prince and the princess lived happily ever after.

Doubtless the Dolomites offers a delightful skiing as well as hiking varies from the traditional and picturesque. Very often I had heard from my friends and also read thru some sources, but I have not been to one of these treasures in the north-east yet.

All I think from this stunning journey is that this paradise realm of rock faces must be seen to be believed! My sweetest friend Valeria from Lombardia, as seen in the top photo of this post, forced me to pack my suitcases and hit the road in Italy's Dolomites in the earliest time possible.

Thank you so much Valeria for adding a magnificent light into my today's article with your contribution and sharing your amazing photos.


  1. What beautiful photos !! Look at all that snow, so white and pure ! I very much enjoyed this adventure into the Dolomites, thank you Nihal ! I hope to get there one day. And I will think back to your post here - the history and legend that you shared. It makes each experience that much more rich.

  2. Fantastic place, I enjoyed the pictures. Why didn't you go yourself?

  3. How beautiful the Dolomites are !
    Super pictures.

  4. So beautiful! I would love to go skiing there!! Thanks for sharing such dreamy photos:)

  5. Oh these are adorable photos dear Nihal! I would love to go to those mountains! This may even be an occasion to learn to ski! :-)

    Wish you a wonderful day,


  6. @ Dick: Why? Money problem as you guess, Sir;)
    Tks for your lovely comment~

  7. Beautiful photos of the mountains. I like to look at snow but don't want to visit it.


  8. WOW - such an amazing looking spot!

  9. Oh, this is so beautiful. I love the photo of the village with the church tower. And the snow so deep and undisturbed....!

  10. Beautiful pictures of these mountains, Nihal. I have an oil painting that looks very much like that scene with the sled.


  11. Beautiful photographs!

    Another place to tempt me in Italy, I think. I miss the mountains of Yeni Zelanda. I have been told that Anatolia reminds people of NZ but I don't know for myself yet.

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  13. Have fun on your journey? But it does not look quite as white there now I believe :D

  14. So beautiful, reminds me of Christmas card scenes.

  15. It's the same problem everywhere, lol.

  16. Wonderful sequence about Dolomiti! I enjoyed it very much! It's a great place for skiing and also for taking photos, isn't it?

  17. Beautiful Nihal...but you wouldnt want me skiing with you, I might be snow balling downhill hahaha!!!

  18. Hello, thank you for you compliments! Beautiful pictures, I've never seen so much snow!

  19. @ Di: You've been told that Anatolia reminds people of NZ?! Sounds very interesting. Me too, not heard if it's so. The fact about our Anatolian ppl is that they are genuinely friendly people with a very kind heart, great helper representing the Turkish hospitality in the best means:)

    If or one day the wind takes me to NZ -that's in my wishlist for a long time, then I'd get a chance to compare both ppl.

    @ Ilhami Bey: Ohhh it's such excited to hear that you'll be sending natural chestnut honey, natural gardening vegetables... Who am I to say no, thanks when it is organic food:)

    Sure, sure, sure. I try my best to keep my reading your page as well as others as long as I find time from my daily works. A free open door for a world I know nothing for example yours: about bees and their hardworking life, similar like mine, lol:)

    Big thanks again for your so thoughtful comment!

    @ Astrid: Welcome to my little corner, tks for your sweet note:)