Saturday, April 04, 2009

Are We Sinking?


There are some times that you can dedicate yourself to gain victory very much. You can not handle the situation even if you are capable to winning easily. And, the worse is that you might lose your precious 1-point on the way to have an emotional victory. This is what happened to our team on wednesday:

Apr 1~ Turkey - Spain : 1 - 2

We wasted so much chances when it was yet 1-0 for us, and also 1-1.

Spain who had beaten us at home maintain their 100% record in 2010 World Cup qualifiers. Now leading our Group V with 18 pts.

Third-placed Turkish team faces an uphill battle on 8 pts with 4-games remaining. Upcoming match will be against Estonia on Sept 5th in Istanbul.


  1. Hm... dear Nihal... what can I say? I'm not even a football supporter, but I'm Spanish.

    Such is football. But, hey, don't despair. Football has its turns, its ups and downs. A good team like Turkey will be qualified too for the 2010 World Cup. I'm convinced.

    I disagree with those who think that what's important is participation -that doesn't make much sense in a competition, don't you think?-. What really matters is fair and good play.

    So good luck to the best ones!

  2. I believe our team will be qualified for 2010 World Cup ... at the last minute of the last game! :-)

  3. @ Leni: Welcome to my home:) Agree with you; all we want is about fair and good play. Hope it will be so in that way.
    Enjoyed reading your "supportive" comment, and how nice you found me.
    Love to Viva Espana~