Sunday, April 05, 2009

Reinventing The Feel

The sum of my work-life-weekend:

Work has been crazy!
I signed up for a "New" Project, that keeps me very busy.

Life at home has been crazy! Some re-decoration works going on, an
d I can't even find one centimeter square area to relax easily. Still need for a few days or so to find my Palace-like beautifully decorated new home:)

Weekend has been crazy! More colors ended a few of my weeks recently.

I saw a lot of things from my daily routine. Things I'm drawn. Things I like. Things I often see, but for one reason or another, I wanted to make
some colorful paintings as weekend exercises using acrylic paints, pencil, glue, watercolors and magazines. Simply the best.

Here they are coming for your review with topic detail:

--A couple of brushes, a wide cup, a glass filled with wine,
and a few of half-cut fruits

--Grapes, banana, glass and a vase with brush inside.

It was a black-white watercoloring.

--(Below two) They are collages I made from
small cuttings from magazines.

--Violin, the instrument I played when I was in high school,
two pears, a bottle and a vase.

--Two coffee cups and one pear inside a bigger bowl.

Creating an original work of art is as easy as one, two, three, four... Here how I did:
  • Bought paints, brushes and canvas.
  • Found some lovely images.
  • Screwed it to my chevalier-desk.
  • Studied on some techniques.
Another technique that I like too is oil on canvas after having tried above ones, and my preferred image, so lovely so natural:

-My working atmosphere

-A little bit closer view to what I do

-Oh she is there. Tries to positioning the image.
You know her, me:)

-How does it look like for now? Not so bad.

As you see I'm an amateur painter, and just for hobby I deal with it. I was only managing to get something out of my hands into my canvas. This oil painting is not completed, but soon to be done so. You will get a chance to evaluate the final form a few days later. One or two more new paintings, too.

Sometimes all it takes to get back that lovin' feeling can be a little peaceful resolution that I enjoy to stay alone with my feelings, and reconnecting myself.. Like when I am getting busy with my hobbies.

And, I remember one thing more: Art makes a wonderful gift!


  1. Wow! wow! These are very beautiful paintings dear Nihal! "10 parmağında 10 marifet" sözü tamamen seni anlatıyor arkadaşım! :-)

  2. Wow Nihal! You are a lovely Artist! My favorite one is the Violin one, almost could hear you play it. Second one is the brushes with a glass filled with wine and yellow fruits, so like a relaxing weekend. I love the photo with the palette and your fingers holding brush, I notice you wear a lovely crochet sweater..?? =)
    Nihal, thank you so much for making the lovely thank-you note, it is more lovely than the award, I do love the earrings a lot! I am so flattered. I was absent in blogging for a while after my father passed away last month. But I am doing fine because I am glad that my father's prayers were answered before his final day and that he passed away peacefully and beautifully.

  3. @ Ellie: I'm so sorry for your loss my pretty friend... May happy memories of your father be a great comfort to you during this sad time.
    Oh your eyes, catching details perfectly:) Yes, it's my arty sweater. Crocheted in beautiful colors, designed in flower pattern, then attached to another. Bought in Barcelona. A sweet piece of art made in Spain:)

  4. These paintings are very nice.
    Why don't you play the violin anymore.
    My daughter plays the violin too.

  5. What lovely pieces of art, Nihal. It is hard to chose a favorite but I was "taken" with the collage of the violin. Very nice!! I, too, noticed the crochet on your sweater. I bought a lovely sweater in Greece that keeps me warm in winter and then a sweater that is more like a coat in Estonia (we were on a trip to Finland and took the hydrofoil across the sea to Estonia). I had a favorite white sweater that I sometimes wore on trips but when visiting Scotland and Edinburgh Castle, I left it on the chair in the cafe never to be seen again! I am having a "blue Monday" so I came to your blog to get a smile and I did. You are so right "Sometimes all it takes to get back that lovin' feeling can be a little peaceful resolution that I enjoy to stay alone with my feelings, and reconnecting myself.. Like when I am getting busy with my hobbies." I am working on quilt blocks this afternoon so off I go for some peaceful resolution with my hobbies!!

  6. Hello Nihal, they are 'not so bad'...they are fantastic. I didn't know you can paint! kids paint and draw better than me, so I wont be showing my 'artwork' to you and the rest of the world. Yes, doesnt weekend pass too fast, I find I never have enough time on weekends..and mine are all pottering at the garden. You've got lovely hair Nihal :D Here's to a more productive (yikes..) week ahead, and we both know how our stress level will increase..or does it for you? hugs/M

  7. Nihal, these are wonderful. I love doing collages, too. I can't wait to see more. And, I love your sweater - gorgeous.

    I've missed you. I haven't been able to visit anyone because of what is going on with my mother. She has been in so much pain, and it is difficult.

    Thank you so much for the award. You touched my heart at a time I really need it. You are a dear friend.

    I hope to be able to visit more after a few more weeks.

  8. Very nice paintings Nihal!

    Enjoy decorating your new home -that's wonderful- make it cosy, give it a bit of your own personality and make yourself at home. ;)

    And... yes, sometimes it's good to enjoy a bit of loneliness, to have time to be on your own -no cellphones, no TV, no doorbells ringing, just silence and maybe a little soft music on the background- and reboot your HD.

    Then everything looks much better, doesn't it?

    Beautiful art indeed, Nihal. It's good for your soul and for our eyes. )

    Keep smiling (and painting, of course!)

  9. Nihal, your artwork is lovely. I really like the 1st still life. I am afraid of oil paints. I tried them half a lifetime ago and over did everything. I haven't used them since. I like to work with acrylics and watercolors. Please show us your finished piece!