Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Time to Heal

President Obama was in Turkey for his two-day visit that was the last leg of his trip to Europe, which began on Mar 31 attending to G-20 Summit in London, then Nato Summit in France and in Germany, and also a European Union gathering in Prague.

The symbol of HOPE, Obama left Turkey by sending the world very important messages!

"Accept Turkey as a Member of EU, and make peace with Islam."

Apr 6- Turkish newspaper, Hürriyet

He called on Brussels to accept Turkey as a full member of the EU in the Czech Republic, some seven hours before his arrival in Turkey.

He said that the West should work to develop closer ties and enhance cooperation with the Islamic world. Turkey's accession to full EU membership will be a good signal of these efforts to the whole world.

One of the major headlines in Turkish press as seen above. Starts "Welcome, Mr President." Continued to:

You are welcome in a country that has friendly relations with the U.S. But we have been offended for the last eight years. Now, it is time to heal. Welcome to Turkey.

After giving his first message in Prague, President arrived in capital city, Ankara on Apr 5, Sunday late evening. Now several details from his trip:

In Ankara, Apr 6:

  • Visited mausoleum of Ataturk, our father, founder of modern Turkey:

He said: "I was deeply impressed by this beautiful memorial to a man who did so much to shape the course of history. But it is also clear that the greatest monument to Ataturk's life is not something that can be cast in stone and marble. His greatest legacy is Turkey's strong and secular democracy, and that is the work that is assembly carries on today.

He signed the memorial book with a famous quote from Ataturk after his own words:

"Peace at home, peace in the world."

It's so clear that this will be also Obama's world policy. Thank you, President!

  • Met with Turkish President.
  • Addressed lawmakers at the Parliament, held talks with the Turkish leaders:

"Let our partnership be a model"

He said: "Turkey is not an Islamic country; it is secular, democratic and modern. It is a part of Europe.

Turkey and US can build a model partnership that involves a predominantly Christian nation and a predominantly Muslim nation; a Western nation and a nation that lies between two continents.

We can create a model that is a modern international community that is respectful, secure and prosperous and there are not tensions between cultures. This is extremely important. One of the strengths of the US is that we have a Christian population but we feel ourselves nation of citizens. Modern Turkey was built on similar values as a secular country respecting religious freedom, rule of law and all freedoms. We are going to deliver this message to the world."

  • Gave a 45-minute speech at the Turkish Parliament.
He said: "United States is not at war with Islam. Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country; I know, because I am one of them.''
  • Left Ankara late for Istanbul.
  • Joined at the forum of the 'U.N. Alliance of Civilizations' sponsored by Turkey and Spain with the participation of heads of state of over 30 countries to promote understanding between Western and Islamic worlds. (Below) Turkish music and culture Group during the forum:

"Yes. We should all change from now on."

Apr 7- Turkish newspaper, Hürriyet

This was his answer was clear to those who were asking if he was paying a visit to Turkey for a special purpose.

In Istanbul, Apr 7:

  • Met with religious leaders: Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Syrian Orthodox Archbishop, Chief Rabbi of Istanbul and Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II Archbishop:

  • Accompanied by Turkish PM, visited historic landmarks in City's Sultanahmet district.
The Hagia Sophia Museum; first a basilica, then a mosque, now a Byzantine architectural wonder, dates to 537 and is a shrine to the art, religion and culture of the City of ~20 million:

The Blue Mosque; famed for its massive domes, minarets and thousands of hand-painted blue tiles:

  • Hold a round-table meeting with university students, and so completed his trip.

President Obama made his earlier-promised speech to warm ties with the Muslim world in the first 100-days of his presidency during his Turkey trip. He was so warm and kind. He gained big sympathy from Turkish people.

A very historic trip full with historic messages will be remembered.


  1. A historic trip indeed. A lot has been expected from him and I am sure he will deliver. Have a good week ahead ;p

  2. Beaufilfiul pictures! Quelle grandeur ... I could not say that in any other language than the French :-)

  3. Our press had lots of coverage about the visit as well. He is making such an effort to bring people together. It is wonderful to see the way he is welcomed.


  4. Obama said: Hagia Sophia is a great building.