Thursday, March 05, 2009

Getting Brand to Brand

3-phases of the brand evolution have been as follows:

.:: Wonder step ::.

I wonder... will people purchase an automobile if I get the price down to 'x'?

.:: Model step ::.
I want... to produce the 'y' model of automobile.

When the model step proves the wonder (Wow it's TIME! People WILL BUY it.), brands immediately go into the next step. Think about Henry Ford, Michael Dell..

.:: Production step ::.

How can I produce automobile at target price to meet the demand and accordingly remain profitable?

Just a dream machine!!! Audi R8 campaign, valued at €260,000.

Most of today's well-known brands that are themselves preferring to move into a crazed-phase as they place too much emphasis on outworn methods, in spite of increased emphasis on developing models to explore wonders.

No doubt, many brands will come and go and come and go. But the question is this "Who will stay in the driver's seat as long?"

The key ones to discovering methods will endure the mysteries of market, and grow such globally recognized. Will you?

This is Capitol Shopping Mall, where I was writing today's post after taking all of these photos.

What is still amazing that every day still seems unique from every other day. There are still some mornings that are really more unique than the usual unpredictability for me. Like today's, my morning coffee here at Kitchenette inside at the Mall.


  1. I like that Kichenette! and that car is a dream car...totally out of my budget I am sure, but still can dream. Happy week..end, tomorow is Friday and we have a public holiday next MOnday, so I am looking forward to this short break :D

  2. Wonderful overhead views of the kitchenette. It looks like the perfect place to sip your morning coffee, browse blogs and people watch.

  3. The Kitchenette looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee. I headed over to their site and enjoyed it too.


  4. Well if you can lower the price a little I might take one. lol