Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Spring Retreat


What follows may make you dizzy;)
I enter my digital camera giveaways as it captured all the feel-good moments today:)

There are lots of excuses (um, reasons) why I lose my control;)

Hide-and-seek among gorgeous Spring flowers -where I live by, Goztepe.

Enchanted with the Spring -lovers in the beach, Caddebostan.

Cool ride along the beach, the fast lane for bike users.

Reflect your light -oooh my, fresh greens everywhere every way...

Warmly stylish cake and bakery shop "Dakery", in fashionable neighborhood of Erenkoy.

Of course, don't forget the water sports at Marmara Sailing Club.

Pardon me, but is there sailing in your town right now?

Street fashion -Bagdat Avenue

Five o'clock coffee time, and hmm... mouthwatering salep

Lost lost lost in a cloud of love, me:)

Don't mind my scarf, that's only for accessory.

Almost end of a puuurfect sun+filled Sunday in the Anatolian side of the City while birds taking their seat. They are our life guard;)

What a Sunny way to start up the new week ahead of us, and warm welcome for new month of March in my City! There is excitement and serenity less winter and more spring here, where the people meet the sun, sea and awakening nature:)


  1. My Dear Nihal! thanks so much for the retreat, I do enjoy every photo, as if I also joined the walk with you! and....'ve got nice earrings! =)

  2. We indeed had a perfect spring weather in Istanbul on the first day of March dear Nihal! I live in Moda and was out on the seashore with my dogs all day long. Spring is definitely coming! :-)

  3. Your statement that you spent the day on the Anatolian side of Istanbul made me curious so I did some research and discovered something I didn't know. Istanbul is the only metropolis located on two continents. That is amazing!

    I'm glad that your day was so beautiful and nice.

  4. Nihal, so many to comment..I had to write it down. Love the spring flowers, though with only one climate..I really have little idea what are winter or spring flowers. The beach is always anyone favourite and I am dying to go to one soon. It's been a long time since I rode a bike..and cake shop, anytime, I'll be there..since the diet is not happening, so might as well, eat :P
    ah..I love coffee..though I would be bloggging at 3.00am if I do. Happy week Nihal :D

  5. A bloggy adventure is in your future! Start packing!

  6. @ Cynthia: Start packing, hahaaa so nice of you:) Career in bloggy world doesn't take place in my future but I loved your guidance:)

  7. Lovely images - looks like a wonderful day!

  8. Your photo's of blue sky and sunshine are a welcome break from the dark skies and rain we are having at the moment. I know the hills will be beautiful and green soon tho.


  9. @ Ellie: Tks for your lovely note as always. Your eyes, so careful to catch the details:) Bought my earrings at Accessorize Shop here. Have a look here, jewelry section:

    To say the truth, I've tons of jewelry as much as I can open up a Shop:)

    @ Muge: Yes, as is it. We had a so lovely weekend:) Glad to see that you're pretty close to me. My dear aunt lives in Moda, too.

  10. Oh yes, spring comes!
    Please take a look at my blog, I have a present for you!

  11. Your post gives me a big smile. Spring is my favorite season, and you have wonderful pictures of images of March.

    Your cloud of love must be very good for you.

  12. You made me homesick for Istanbul ... and for salep too. I hope it's still available when I arrive in April.