Wednesday, March 11, 2009



{ Feelings }

On a blue summer night I will go through the fields,
Through the overgrown paths, in the soft scented air;
I will feel the new grass cool and sharp on my feet,
I will let the wind blow softly through my hair.

I will not say a word, I will not think a thing,
But an infinite love will set my heart awhirl,
And I will wander far, like a wild vagabond,
Throughout Nature - happy as if I had a girl.

{ Gevoel }

Ik zal op pad gaan in het zomers avondblauw,
Geprikt door korenaren over dun gras lopen;
Verdroomd zal ik mijn voeten drenken in de dauw,
Ek in zal door de wind mijn haren laten dopen.

Elk woord, elke gedachte zal me dan vergaan,
Maar weidse liefde zal zich in mijn ziel verbreiden,
En als een vagebond zal ik ver, heel ver gaan,
Door de Natuur - verblijd alsof een vrouw me leidde.

A Special Note:
My thanks for this marvellous poem go to someone who's a nice friend of mine in Istanbul.


  1. Woooooooow, I really appreciate the Dutch version, thank you so much.
    Well done.

  2. J'aime ce poème beaucoup.
    Ik hou erg van dit gedicht.
    I love this poem very much.

  3. Hello Nihal. So nice to meet you and your very nice blog.
    Funny that your poem is just what I did this morning, walking through the dewy soft overgrown path down in the woods, happy.

    See you again!

  4. A wonderful poem and nice images. I think we are all longing a bit for spring. Not quite barefoot weather yet at our house.


  5. Nice poem Nihal, simple but heart felt. Here's wishing you a great weekend..big hugs always;P

  6. Nihal, this is a very nice post.
    Have a good day!

  7. Wonderful poem. I am able to read a bit in French, to get the gist, but lovely to have the English. And then I can go back to the French and appreciate the beauty of the words and their sounds, as well as the meaning.

    thank you, Nihal!

  8. @ Dina: Bunch of thanks for your kind words, and warm welcome to you:)

    @ Pietro: Nice to see you here, benvenuto:)