Sunday, March 08, 2009

Turkish Women Represent!

March 8 is a day of global celebration for women's advancement. While thousands of events occur each year to honour the women of the past, to celebrate the women of today and to prepare for our daughters of tomorrow, I represent an album featuring some photos of our women:

1929- Feriha Tevfik

1932- Keriman Halis *Miss World

1951- Günseli Basar

1971- Filiz Vural

1985- Meltem Doganay

1993- Arzum Onan *Miss Europe

2000- Yüksel Ak *Miss World, the 2nd

2001- Tugce Kazaz

2002- Azra Akin *Miss World

2007- Selen Soyder

2008- Leyla Lydia Tugutlu

From the cosmopolitan professional woman in large metropolitan cities to the more traditional natural beauty living in small villages, Turkish women possess diverse beauty, representing a sharp contrast between Eastern and Western cultures. Above is to show how the transition to this unique land of contrast and opportunity that has taken place in recent history providing ever-increasing popularity and fame of Turkish woman's beauty with some winner photographs taken from Miss Turkey competition organized each year. Some of them also crowned Miss World.


There's definitely something worth thinking about as we can discuss through possible insights and see there might be an opportunity to engage those same people who revolted against this day -like me.

I think people should come together to celebrate men's day 'one day' !

In reality this day means only the half of a glass.
We would mean nothing only by ourselves, right? I think it's time to call for change and also to celebrate acts of courage and determination by men who have played an important role in the history of women's life. This way we can build a better future for the world.

So at a gut level, I'm thinking it could be challenge. How can the 'wall of seperation' be torn down?

Got thoughts? Speak your mind.

Hoping to hear one day the announcement of "International Men's Day", I'm here now to wish you all ~Happy Women's Day~


  1. Indeed! Here's wishing you a memorable Women's Day. Your presentation is excellent, as always.

  2. Hello Nihal :D
    You are correct, if we think about it, there were so many celebrations for women that the men take a backseat..Happy Women's Day and it is great knowing we have a bonding, a friendship afar even though we have not met. Through blogging,I find the food for my soul, I find friends that are dearest to me, even closer than those I know here, I find a new world, and I find you. Happy week ahead. It's still a holiday here..wish I would last a few more days :P

  3. What a wonderful post. An important message for sure. This is a great article, your perspective, the photos and all - it makes us all think for sure, and be appreciative. I hope you enjoyed the day to its fullest yesterday. And again today...

  4. Happy woman's day right back at you! Here is a small scented bouquet of violets!

  5. My goodness! Everyone of those women is stunningly beautiful. I bet you are yourself, Nihal.
    Wonderful post in tribute to the women of your country.


  6. Dahling, is your passport ready for the train? Stop by my train car later as I'll be hosting afternoon tea.

  7. Nihal - Did I ever thank you for the lovely hand-made postcard? If I did not, I am sorry. I thank you sincerely, now.

    Thank you for your visit to Blasts From the Past. Please stop by my main blog, "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" where my usual main focus is poetry, but I have recently been sidelined with Museswings' Orient Express adventure.

    P.S. I will be following you from this point.

  8. Ooh! Are you a football fan? We're pulling for Denmark and Ireland, but it's not very likely they'll make it to the World Cup. Your Turkish team is far better. Do you follow the EPL teams? Fenerbahce is quite a good team.


  9. @ Kerrin: How nice to hear from you, your note made me happiest, indeed. Oh no, I did not:) I'll celebrate it when the Men's Day is announced:)

    @ Marie: Welcome:) Your lovely comment and violets, what a beautiful note, definitely beyond words. Let me present you heart-shaped box of chocolate to honor your Women's Day:)

    @ Janeen: My passport? Always ready before I'm getting ready;) I love trains, nostalgia and nature amaze me when I look thru the windows. I'll stop by your train, sure:) Btw, welcome to my home.

    @ Kat: Warm welcome wishes:) Let me see your notes:
    - Yes, I'm enough beautiful and attractive one, what comes surprisingly me is that how did you know?? Because I don't publish here a photo of me taken from frontside. So smart!

    - Very pleased to hear you enjoyed the card I created for you:) Yeap, your page "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" is breathtaking. I'll visit you on a regular base.

    - No, I'm not a football fan. When Turkish national team plays for UEFA and World Cup, then I become a supporter that's all. I'm a crazy tennis fan:)

    You're so true, Turkish players are awesome, they are like dancing with the ball. Their passion comes from the inside, and the success is inevitable. National team made and still makes great achievements in world football history.

    Guess how? How do you know Fenerbahce? I do really l.o.v.e my readers, and each one of you amazes me every day telling me something of our own, so cool:) Yes, F/Bahce is quite a good team. But there's better and best than F/B. Which is Galatasaray, and G/Saray is my favorite:)

    Hope to hear you again, Much Love.

  10. Happy Women's Day to you, a little late. But we don't all need to be that beautiful, do we?

  11. Thanks for wishing me a happy Women's Day. I appreciate it. This is one holiday we don't celebrate in the US. We do celebrate mothers and their contribution to our lives. Mother's Day is in May.

    Miss World 2000 has fabulous eyes.

    I hope your Women's Day was wonderful.

  12. Beautiful Women, wonderful post as always. You don't have to post a picture for your beauty to come through. One can see it in your words!! Happy Women's Day to you, too!! My crazy quilting friends have shared some of our work at our local historical museum in celebration of women's history month. There's a link to it on my blog. The exhibit will be in place for six months and I will write of the journey on that blog. :-) I admire that you play tennis. I have no ability to play at all!! It would be very comical if I tried!!