Sunday, April 19, 2009

5, 4, 3, 2, Trendy

Hey, I feel like a woman: highs, colors, eclectic. As Mom always says to me, it's nothing a pair of high heel can't fix:)

We have got things to do, the highway to take and people to meet. Like you, I were also hungry, thirsty and hopped on following styles. Not finished, there will be a few more sandals that I need to buy, but later in May:

I'm pretty sure Pedro Camino knows the exact way to my heart thru this shoes, oh and mi piace da morire these Spanish high-heels. More than saying chic!

Don't think they are super high, but very comfortable + easy to walk, muchos gracias to the chunky platform sole! Yes, I'll be staying alive:)

Other is coming from New Yorker Anne Klein. I predict that you'll embrace with open arms AK shoes' line for Spring/Summer '09, take a peek now

I hope you don't ask me the price tags, because this time I could not go cheap for chic:)

Now. I didn't want to miss:

{1} Do you like to be on trend?
{2} There is any of your fave shoe designer/s?

{3} And,
can you describe me your personal shoe style in five words or fewer?


  1. Oh, these shoes are hot! I'm having trouble with my feet right now, and I'm having to wear "clunky" shoes. I'm longing for carefree days with pain free walking and pretty shoes.

  2. Summit of elegance! I love high heels too, they go with everything, be it a little dress or sturdy jeans. heels are always ok :)

  3. I am definitely not a shoe woman. I do care a lot about my feet and I do like my shoes to be very comfortable.

  4. I would die to wear these shoes seven years ago dear Nihal but now I can only contemplate them. In 2002, I was research assistant at the university and one day while I was lecturing to students I found myself like paralysed, I couldn’t move at all because each movement was causing me a terrible pain. I stayed in bed during two months with unsupportable vertebral pains due a disease called “scoliosis” (curvature of the spinal column). Since that bad adventure, I’m obliged to wear orthopedic shoes and I wear high heel shoes only if I attend to a very special event. So, since a couple of years, my favourite shoe mark is Kifidis!

  5. @ Muge: Oh no, I was sad to hear of your unlucky happening my friend. I heard Kifidi's as it moderates deformity of the foot giving the one a much better feel. My strong wishes for you to "be careful".

  6. Nihal, Ben ex-Borusan Arge Inci.
    Benimle baglanti kurar misin?

  7. Nice shoes indeed.
    But high-heeled shoes are a bit uncomfortable, or not?..... :-)

  8. I love these shoes and only wish I were young and had the figure and the clothes to go with them!! LOL!! Now, in my closet, though, are a couple of pretty little pairs of high heels that I used to wear when I worked full time. I keep them just so I can look at them and think maybe one day I will dance in them. Hee hee! Gotta have hope!

  9. Nihal, I also think the great beauty of nature comes from a Perfect Beauty at the source.
    As regards the shoes, I generally wear moccasins: I find them comfortable.
    Have a very good day! :-)

  10. These shoes look gorgeous! I am in love with high heels and wear them daily at work. Even though some high heels may cause discomfort, I cannot give them up. I actually purchased gel pads to minimize discomfort and they actually work! I do not feel like I am dressed up unless I have some heels on. Although, I would never walk long distances in high heels; I've done it and never again.

  11. @ Inci: ex-Borusan arkadasim, ne surpriz bir reunion oldu, cok sevindim! Baglanti mi, coktan kurduk bile:)

    @ Nihal: So lovely notes Nihal to Nihal:) Enjoyed to welcome you at CrossRoads. I like your cookbook; a good corner to introduce our rich and traditional cuisine. Hope to see you again.