Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Future Starts Not Tomorrow. Today!

What's all we need?
It is Love (and Sunshine)?

For having a healthy and merrily life
with our loved ones in the warmth of our homes,

For having fabulous, outdoor-filled weekends,

For smelling the splendid perfume of lilac acacias,

For taking our little cute guys* and his friends
to the woods, and enjoying to see them
when riding their toys, (*not mine:)

For being able to truly appreciate that
when beauty is there between hard rocks, and
O! Mother planet.. gives so much without asking us,

For not moving our dogs until morning
as he likes falling sleep as peacefully
on green bedsheets,

For pouring our love on the walls,
saying -in turkish- " Seviyorum Seni "
(English: I love you),

For showing our kind love as naturally as happily,
keeping our promise,
if there could be any better way?

For not waiting until the danger knocks on our door,
but more understanding that we promise
no peaking in our madness to consume
because water independence is vital,

For providing our cats a soft green pillow,

For spending quality time with our friends
breathing fresh air and hearing chirpy birds,

For feeling ourselves lucky every each new day,
and welcoming gorgeous sunsets,

For these beauties said which have all of our hearts, we have to care for our Earth. Not love. Not sunshine we need, but first a place we can live.

And, it is never late even though my local flower time above was showing 2 o'clock in the afternoon when I was invited this superb sunny Sunday over for one of delicious Spring table:)

Enjoyed my tasteful menu, I walked around the Goztepe Ozgurluk Parki (English: Freedom Park)
until my feet fall off in the sweet, so sweet sunshine that is close to my home. It was a quick Summer day. Believe, it was 24 degrees celcius (75F)! I foreseen lots of wonderful photo taking opportunities. Be delighted with todays and more will come along with next new articles.

Lets promise on more care. Lets celebrate as its day..

I think that for every problem there's a solution like as how we build our business on ideas. That anything can be done if we put our minds to it. With a bit of original thinking, Yes.

Take an example... Make coal burn as cleanly as gas? Turn gas to liquid? Maybe difficult but not impossible. Our creative mind is inevitable when thinking our planet Earth and accordingly future.

In the meantime, I join Susan's weekly activity at A Southern Daydreamer. For more inspiring outdoors as well as shared goal of overcoming our environmental challenges, either click the OW button or visit now 4/22 Outdoor Wednesday #15


  1. Happy Earth Day, Nihal.

    I, too, believe we can accomplish great things. We just need to put our hearts and our minds together toward common good.

    You inspire me.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of a place I've never visited.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love that huge clock. Happy Earth Day and Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  4. I love all your pretty!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  5. It really is amazing how God shows us His love through all the beauty of what he has created for us to enjoy. Lovely photos...
    Happy Earth day and O.W.

  6. Happy Earth Day! You've inspired me to take some time out today and sit in the back yard and enjoy all the beginnings of spring growth.


  7. Happy Earth Day and Happy Outdoor Wednesday, Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and thoughts.

  8. Beautiful words and pictures.
    Mama Bear

  9. Lovely images and thoughts from your fair city, Nihal! Happy Earth Day! xo

  10. Great post Nihal, I was just watching a special feature on Earth Day on the National Geographic series, it is scary on how badly we have treated mother Earth and erosion on the North pole. I certainly do wish that Malaysia will do more on this issue. Interstingly too to note how China has overtaken the US in being the no. 1 polluter in the world, no surprise here. Every littel effort we can do, does make a difference. Happy Earth day...just doing my post now, kinda late but I am sure mother Earth will forgive me. Lots of love/M

  11. Nihal, I really enjoyed this great series of photographs. Thanks for sharing these wonderful places and beauties.
    About your question, the houses in my post are of a small city near Turin.
    Happy Earth Day, have a very nice evening!

  12. Nice pictures , there are a lot of things to worry about and probably there is a solution for everything but when it goes on like now I'm afraid we will pass the turning point.
    Aren't we all part of it?

  13. Sorry I am late getting around to visit... I hope you had a Happy Outdoor Wednesday....and that you will participate again soon! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  14. Excellent post with adorable photos dear Nihal! I believe we can save our planet if we can create less selfish and more responsible societies.

  15. I'm glad I participated in the OW event. It was so much fun to hear the perspectives of all of these like-minded nature-lovers:
    :: Stacey, Barb, Ellen, Sue, Mama and Susan ::

    Hope to meet you all again in next green thoughts. Outdoor always comes so stunning than indoor:)