Friday, April 24, 2009

Poppy, Pen, Postoffice.

They are another absolute ways to see life.

to write:

Red poppy from Ist'l v Flag of Trondheim
Par Avion v Leander's Tower in Ist'l

to read:

Sweet blogging friend Britt in Trondheim, Norway, asked if we would want a handwritten letter on recycled Norwegian paper in her cabin. I was eager to reply her immediately because of both go-green and working hands. She was saying how lovely time she had when writing letters to all of us. And, her gorgeous letter above found a new place in my home before too long:)

to word:

Words lead me to an image, to a feeling, to a sharing, to something we already have experienced but maybe we can forget because of this digital age.

What I did last day was to let my heart and soul emerge on an old-school direction. As photographed above;

Wrote two-sided letter in hand on a fine japanese paper: front page in english, back in its turkish version. And enclosed such lovely photograph of a poppy I took here in the City, to celebrate the new month of April. It was ready to find A Good Place to Live in Norway (Turkish: NorveƧ). Maybe surprising, but Trondheim where she comes from has a meaning like that: A good Home. So cool indeed.

Last but not the least.
As letters are a wonderful examples of how much history may be, I certainly loved to have hers:)
The Spring of writings make me always think that life is ready again. In Istanbul, in Trondheim... No matter, our smiles are always common in everywhere.

If you are interested in exchanging letters you are welcome. Contact me, that is enough. I'm pretty open for different languages, too.


There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. by Federico Fellini


  1. Lovey post :-)
    Unfortunatey your letter has not arrived yet. I will let you know as soon as it comes.

  2. Beautiful post and I love the feeling of holding a letter, something written from the heart. blogs and anything else can vanished but years from now, its the handwritten stuff we treasure. BTW, I didnt want to spoil this by telling you as it was supposed to be a surprise but something has been posted to you 2 weeks ago..way before this post. As usual, the snail mail is here's hoping you'll get it soon *wink*wink*

  3. I'm another fan of letters. Sometimes things go astray tho. Coincidently a Christmas Card that I sent to you JUST came back in the mail. If you'd send me your address again (privately at ) I will try sending it again. Maybe you'll have it by NEXT Christmas, LOL!


  4. Oh it has been nine years that I haven’t sent anyone any handwritten letter! Emails, SMS and MSN messages, blogs etc. made our lives easier but we lost the habit of expressing our thoughts and feelings in handwritten cards, letters and diaries. When I was a little girl I had penfriends and I remember how it was a joy for me to receive letters from them and prepare rich and beautiful letters for them. Now chatfriendship has replaced penfriendship.

  5. @ Britt: Tks. I hope it won't take too long. Looking fwd to hear your good news saying like 'Rec'd, yippeee' :)

    @ Maryam: Oh you spoiled the surprise my pretty friend, lol:) Well, yours will reach me as quick as possible if our postwoman did not go for a spring break;) Thousands of tks in advance you took some of yr valuable time, I'll treasure what ever it is:) Till it drops here my eyes will be locked on skies:) Much love~

    @ Darla: Guess how? Christmas card you sent me, but returned back to you? Needless to ask our p/office as it should be the busiest time of year. However you know we exchanged things btw our sides, all went and come properly, CA-Ist'l-CA. All yrs noted, I'll send you @mail. By the way, my address still the same because of the economic crisis I didn't move anywhere else I like, lol:)

    @ Muge: Been 9-yrs not to post any handwritten thing to someone? How could you resist;) I'm a believer of those 'if you really want to touch someone, send them a letter':) Words matter, thats one final piece of my advice:)