Sunday, April 26, 2009

Costly High

but it worths:
Freedom. Ozgurluk. Freedom. Ozgurluk.

This Freedom Monument stands in the Ozgurluk Park, Goztepe on the Asian side of Istanbul. The designer was inspired to create a dynamic design that represents a reminder of independence and hope for the future. The Park where I like being inside and enjoy my weekends gets its name from the monument. Ozgurluk in turkish means freedom. Ohh before forgetting, click the photo for a full view.

I did my contribution by this my own photo to the Earth Mosaic 2009. From Apr 22 until Apr 30, you will have time to be a part of the mosaic. Won't you join in? Read more


  1. Great shot, Nihal. The nice monument really gives the expression of independence and hope for the future; the park looks really wonderful, with beautiful trees and flowers.
    Have a fine day!

  2. I like the word.. ozgurluk. It is a bit like the Dutch word geluk which does not mean freedom, but it means happiness. So they are a bit the same :)

  3. Very interesting Nihal..I havent heard of this. On your last comment, Yes, I remember the huge apologies for it and will try to get it done, specially for someone dear to me, you. Many a times, I have tried to stop blogging but it's friends like you that I am drawn too always. As usual, I have an interesting of a flee..many projects never lasted for 2 months, except bloggy land..and then I knew why, it's the connection of people, that's the soul of blog land :D Lots of love and big hugs......M

  4. Ho letto che conosci la nostra lingua....bellissimo il tuo blog, complimenti.

  5. A very meaningful monument. The picture is taken very professionally. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Absolutely a perfect shot dear Nihal!

    Have a beautiful day! :-)

  7. @ Thyme: Geluk, yeap I know it means happiness. Doesn't it related each other, ozgurluk and geluk? Freedom brings happiness or satisfaction when a person uses it to contribute his/her talent(s) to others:) Yeap, both gives feed.

    @ Maryam: Agree w/ you. Tell you the truth, I connect with others so that I can reconnect with myself. So, it comes with emotion and with interaction:) When I read stories that are relevant and touch me personally, then I say "Oh this is me." After that I like becoming a part of that blog as a reader.

    As for the pending issue, not a big problem if you can't today:) I know you'll give your best contribution one day soon.

    @ Nicola: Benvenuto nel mio blog:) Mille grazie per tuo commento e complimenti. Si, posso parlare italiano. Come un grande passione per me la cultura italiana.