Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Movie Of Spring

Ralph Fiennes, played as Michael Berg

Are we not asking big questions in our life? About people, about crimes, about victims, about countries, don't you? Yes, we do. Such as forgiveness, guilt, responsibility...

For example, the WWII. At Auschwitz where the Nazi crimes were perpetrated and many people suffered at the hands of Nazis, such as who? Hanna Schmitz.

Based on the best-selling-novel, I liked to find those answers in the rather unusual theme of a love story between 15-yr-old schoolboy Michael Berg and 36-yr-old Hanna Schmitz (played by Kate Winslet) who was former SS guard at Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp

Kate gave again an Oscar caliber performance in this movie, mesmerizing! Could not be better. Should I tell that Kate won the Academy Award for Best Actress at the 81st Academy Awards for her role in this film.

This past Sunday afternoon I spent my time watching The Reader, so
fantastic directing and cinematography!

What movie did you watch this Spring?


  1. Hey thanks for that link! I have made a note of it, It looks fantastic. I am waiting for a bigger memory card, and once I have it will install all the programmes like these, that I really want on it. Right now 512 MB is just enough for the necessary...

    I had TomTom on my Nokia, which gives great directions for when you are driving, but it is no use for walking. I think I am going to love the link that you gave me!

  2. I read about the great review but i havent seen that yet. The most touching one I have seen now is Slumdog Millionaire..will catch up on this movie soon.

  3. Oh I agree with you dear Nihal! “The Reader” is an extraordinary and unforgettable film and Kate Winslet gave an excellent performance!

    The last film I watched this spring is “Lluvia” (Rain), an argentinian movie directed by Paula Hernandez.


  4. Hi Nihal! I've seen last Woody Allen's 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' (wonderful Javier Bardem in the beautiful city of Barcelona, where I was born).


  5. I am so anxious to see this movie. Thank you for your review. I'll let you know when I have watched.

  6. Nihal, this spring I have appreciated (appreciated again) the important movie Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (Conversation Piece) (1974) by the great Luchino Visconti, with Burt Lancaster, Silvana Mangano and many other splendid actors.
    Have a very good day!

  7. Ciao Nihal, eccomi, non ho mai visitato Istanbul spero di farlo prima o poi.
    Sono contento di averti conosciuta anche se "virtualmente", da noi per fortuna ha smesso di piovere, i fiumi erano al limite di guardia ed in alcune zone del piemonte ci sono zone zone molto a rischio.
    Buona giornata ed a presto.

  8. I am curiously waiting to see this movie. Thanks for your review.I will let you know mine when I have watched the movie.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog AND YOUR KIND COMMENT. feel free to visit again.

  9. @ Thyme: You're welcome:) Glad to see that cute Tracky will be a great helper for your all kind of outdoor activities:) With it, you can also mark all your POI's (=point of interests). You'll like to hear this: its software company is a Dutch one. Guys you are really great! Groeten~

    @ Muge: Tks for the link. Noted:)

    @ Leni: Born in Barcelona? Great, its one of the most stylish and elegant cities in the world:) Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I heard it but not seen. Noted, muchos gracias:)

    @ Pietro: Gruppo di famiglia in un interno sounds great. I'll have to search thru net. Hope I can find it, mille grazie:)

    @ Nicola: Anch'io. Ho appena saputo del vostro sito e l'ho visitato con grande piacere:) Istambul? Che dire? I miei amici sono rimasti molto contenti dopo aver ancora impresso i colori, i profumi, il caos di una Istanbul meravigliosa:) Sopratutto la Turchia, con la sua gente, il suo mare, i suoi paesaggi e la sua storia, vi ha regalato emozioni che non dimenticare:)

  10. I've been meaning to come back to let you know that we loved this movie. It was incredible.