Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazing Grace

The winter was long, cold, heavy snowy...

But we were sure for one thing that is the unfold flowers from the fresh earth would come again to cheer us...

While nature is preparing itself for the precious miracle, we took time to prepare some surprises* for the loved ones such as cuties, candies, and writing our sincere feelings with so lovely cards...

While doing these all, wonderful blue earth started singing in flowers...

And, some people was kind enough to spread joy* around them no matter where they are... I knew that the thoughts could never be limited!

Ohh my, all of the flowers here in show photographed from my small balcony began dancing in spring breeze. As if they are racing each other to reveal all their glory to me...

San Antonio di Padova (St Antoine Church)-
built in Venetian Neo-Gothic style,
by Giulio Mongeri (
located in Beyoglu, European side of the City.

I understood that...

Just the time of renewal arrived.

The world is alive, sweet and soft again,

Sun is smiling again,

The grass is growing again,

All is so beautiful...

Again and again.

And, an Easter never goes by without the thought of how much it means to have kind-hearted friends like Liz. Yes she... She made my day with these above* cuties and chocolates. How can I express my feelings.. I know it seems difficult this way but my heart just filled with love and gratitude for all you do, sweetest Liz. Thank-You so much indeed.

~~Best Wishes for a joyous Easter to you all. Hoping your days are filled with all the joys of spring.


  1. You have beautiful flowers and a beautiful heart dear Nihal!

  2. What a beautiful photograph..... beautiful flowers......

  3. Picture are so lovely Nihal thank you!.. Picture of Jesus reminded me something that always amazes me, people of Islamic faith also love Jesus Christ, as much as Christians do, in some cases, may be even more..

  4. Hi Nihal :)

    Greetings :)

    I am amazed at the beauty, the brilliance and the extraordinary colors of the flowers. You have grown all this in your balcony is astonishing. You have excellent skill in gardening. Spring is coming in all its glory making our life once again charming and wonderful.

    St. Antony’s church is magnificent. We also have a St.Antony’s church in Kaloor, Kochi. This church gets flooded with devotees belonging to all religions (Hindus, Muslims etc.) every Tuesday.

    You have a great friend, Liz. Those chocolates and gifts shows a large, generous and kind heart. Very rare to find such fantastic people in the world nowadays. You are truly blessed.

    The quotes you have at the side of the post are inspiring and motivating.

    I enjoyed reading your narration written with great style.

    Have a wonderful day Nihal :)

  5. Your balcony garden seems to be doing so well. Beautiful flowers.

    Each day this time of year seems to bring out a new blossom.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blogs and your kind comments. Feel free to visit again.

  7. ah..Nihal, you know flowers are my favourite and weakness too. I spent way too much time pottering in the garden and your flowers are glorious...have a great week ahead my friend...

  8. Nihal, I've been to Chateau de Chillon myself. Montreux was a beautiful place. We took the boat to Chillon. That is the perfect way to approach the castle. I was just looking back at my pictures last night. I'm not financially able to take such wonderful trips anymore so I have to be content with my memories. I'm glad you've been there as well. Everyone should have such wonderful opportunities.

  9. Not only a great narration, but also some truly magnificent photos with fantastic colours.
    Your template is also very nice, making justice to a lovely project.
    Thanks for your visit; as for the "dark side" I agree with you but really hope the little one in the photo doesn't have that big ... afteral, she's one of my daughters! :)

  10. Hey Nihal

    Your pictures are lovely, I hope you have had a nice Easter?

  11. What a beautiful Easter post! Even though I'm two days late, the flowers are still fresh and the candy is still sitting untouched in the box.

  12. @ Susan: Welcome to my home. Very happy to see your visiting + reading your so lovely notes, tks to you. Yes I delighted visiting all of yr interesting blogs, varied in many topics.

    @ Anonym: Enchanting words, I do thank you so much:) Hope I shall be lucky to read more from you. Warm welcome wishes to you.

    @ Joseph: Oh, what a lovely day-making note. My heartfelt tks goes to you in pretty exotic India. Would like to welcome you again here in my little corner:)

    @ Ferreira: Boa vinda:) Kind of you, very lovely comment. Is she your daughter? Oh I didn't know, lol:) There´s nothing that can be said against to her of course:) Mine was only an expression in general.

  13. Lovely spring images, Nihal and a beautiful reminder of Easter.