Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best $800,000 You'll Spend

Sometimes dreaming can not get enough. You want to reach it. You want to have it. You search the ways to make it true but at one point you become unsolvable. I've been in one of these "urgent" times... I just felt myself helpless:)

Starting to show you inside firstly. Ottoman antiques.

Crystal chandeliers.

And, a piano.

A master bedroom for the ultimate in relaxation, contemporary in vibrant and rich colors. Absolutely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Does it not deserve to dream about?

Also there are hardwood floors, two bathrooms (one en-suite with jacuzzi) and a very modern kitchen.

After the inside, how could be the outside?

Yes, I would like to wake up every morning to these windows, and especially that view! Then, magically transport myself to the city life routine for work, play, and finish the day.

In short, it's a perfect mix of modern and traditional Turkish style + 146-sq meter + On the 26th floor with superb City views as you see above.

I guess you are curious where it can be found...

This two-bedroom furnished penthouse apartment at the Polat Tower Residence on the European side of the City.

I saw this news from a headline "For Sale in... Istanbul" under the section of "Great Homes and Destinations" in the New York Times.

Despite a global economic downturn, Turkey's economy is growing. So is Istanbul's population, as well as its demand for property. The majority of foreign buyers are English, followed by French, German, Americans, Iranians and Gulf Arabs as stated in the news. Most of the foreign buyers are interested in buying residential houses in Istanbul's along the Bosphorus, Bebek and Nisantasi.

As you can imagine, the prices in the city can vary widely. Take an example, villas along the Bosphorus (that is the strait divides the country into two parts, European and Asian) can be upwards to $10,000 a sq mt.

But this is to pink my apartment dreaming!

Content ideas that create buzz::

o See the visuals, that's very much the appeal with the Polat Tower Residence

o Be more opinionated about Istanbul future trends and property market view.
New York Times hits the spot on For Sale... Istanbul post dated Jan 14, 2009.

o And, it's on sale for $800,000. YES, I accept... I accept your...

Because I'm currently dreaming of this said space. And all furnishings inc with the price:)


  1. Not with my current phonebill.. can't afford it :-(

    But the pictures cheered me up. Classy, amazing!

  2. You are so funny Nihal....accepting donations but looks like it may take a very long time before you can collect enough. I absolutely love the bedroom and the view is too gorgeous!! Here's wishing you spring-y hugs for the whole week...xo Maryam

  3. Beautiful photos and if you can vision it something will materialize. It maybe different than what you originally wanter and maybe even better.

  4. Very nice, we have to be happy with only the dream.

  5. Wake up Nihal! You are asking the wrong bunch for donations. It seems we are all poor. hehe

  6. When I saw the first photos I thought they were taken at a “yalı” (villa) on the shore of the Bosphorus. Incredible contrast between the inside and outside views of this flat! Really impressive! As far as I know, the elevators, garages, swimming pools, fitness centers and other facilities of such tower residences are excellent too! So 800.000 $ seems to be a fair price for such a quality! There is just one little problem: We don’t have that money! :-)

    p.s. Dear Nihal, I kindly invite you to:

    a network that I've created and which is intended to be a directory of Turkish blogs written in English, French or German. Please feel free to share all your positive/negative comments with me.

  7. Oh, no donations here either, Nihal. I asked my husband tonight if he would mind if I wrote to one of those decorating shows to see if they would like to help us with our living room. He didn't think that was a very good idea so I guess I will have to see what I can come up with for window treatments and sofa covers. Throw pillows and such are easy but I doubt I could ever achieve the look of that lovely living room! And the bedroom is gorgeous, too, as is the view! One can certainly dream!! :-)

  8. @ Muge: How did you come to the decision to build up a directory, or say network, that sounds like a great initiative, Muge.

    I see it as a chance to reflect and an opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow. It might be also pushing us to our limits as we open ourselves to more connections and relationships—in some cases maybe more than we can handle. In short, network participation, content and feedback mechanisms are the key for building meaningful relationships online, I think.

    Let me state one more thing. This is something I have to remind myself as well. You're given a select set of abilities in this world which you can either nurture or ignore. You've to work with what you have, this is a moment of clarity that can make all the difference.

    And, you make such a difference Muge! A first when I think of your purpose about Turkish bloggers in foreign languages.

    So- this is a huge step. You're on the way to work with the gifts you're given to making a difference. I'm with you, supportive of yours, très chère.

    Go Figure.

    :) I'll sign up.

  9. If you move in I'm going to come visit. What a stunning apt.


  10. Let'sbuy it , all together . Then I will know where I will spend my vacations.

  11. What a beautiful place. But you should know that the NYT recently started suing bloggers for using their photos and links - even if linking back to them properly! The NYT apparently doesn't want any external links to their site. I used an image from the NYT in a post and took it down, after reading the story about all the lawsuits.

  12. @ Bruce: Happy to see you in Istanbul, welcome:) Yeap, you are so right. I was only dreaming this apt;)

    @ Müge: I did, signed up. Participation in this new blooming community should be exciting to get positive juice when connecting to new ppl & ideas:)

    @ Mél: Hahaaa... so funny:) Loved your solution: to buy this property all together.

    @ Tara: Appreciate your notice very much which relates to the execution of bloggers. I really didn't know abt NYT's procedure. I duly took the ref link down from my post.