Friday, May 08, 2009

I + Develop

Probably the best beer in the world, Tuborg?

Strong regional brands such as Tuborg, Baltika, Holsten, Carlsberg are the world's largest brewery groups. We know each of them as they are the leading brands in our local markets.

I was just reading the latest edition of The Executive Issue which arrived now, Adapting to the New Business Reality: Developing your People to get things done. And it brought me back to an ongoing discuss in the personal development as a tool to accelerate our own success.

What really makes brand/people world class great? Is it some genetic factors, or talent? A gift?

Join the conversation- how do you develop yourself to look like gold, whether at work or in the life? Maybe here in this blogging platform, why not. The less talented, or say less developed people make you look like brass?

Anyway, would be curious to get
what are your own, your thoughts.


  1. Ciao Nicole, sono nato in Campania, in un paese che dista pochi Km da Avellino e circa 50 da Napoli, da 45 anni vivo a Torino.
    Buon fine settimana

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  3. I don't have an answer to you question right now.
    I wonder what my developments are, can't think of anything.

  4. I am a firm believer that goal setting has a lot to do with success. This is how the average person can succeed along with those who seem to have the natural talents, skills and/or leverage

  5. Having goals in life is certainly important to develop ourselves but I believe that a continuous curiosity about life and/or a permanent desire to progress are also very important for self-development. In fact, they push us to determine new goals, to make new discoveries.

  6. What really makes brand/people world class great? It's not easy to answer. I think it's often a mixture of genetic factors, talent, gifts, favourable circumstances. Seldom it's only the talent: in the success I see a sort of lucky star which includes all the three previous elements. But of course I'm not meaning that quality or success are pure luck.

  7. @ Nicola: Grazie per il tempo di informarmi. Oh sei un vero napoletano? Una volta sono già stata a Napoli ma il mio sogno sarebbe di visitare nord italia, ancora ci sono tanti posti che devo vedere come bello torino:)

    Avellino? Oh si, questo nome mi suonava conosciuto. Un mio amico è stato ad Avellino per un lungo tempo. Per lavoro.

    @ Masakuni-san: Ama sizin siteniz de türkçeden yazılmış:) Aslında onlar harem kapıları değil, tarihi kapı zillerinin monte edildiği eski -büyük olasılıkla- Osmanlı tarzı evler. Türkçeniz gayet iyi, nerde öğrendiğinizi -bu kadar akıcı ve gramer hatasız olarak- sorabilir miyim acaba?
    Masakunisan no komento o doumo arigatou gozaimashita:)