Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trekking Between Pots

While there are so many smart options and more on the way, who likes plastics? Speaking myself, I am an anti-plastics! The material that I never, never, never like.

As seen on this ads in Koçtaş, stuff made from plastics and its price always cheap. Jardiniere is 0,50tl. Said Daima en iyi fiyat = Always the best price. Is it really?

Yesterday, Saturday morning, she followed the artistry in her soul...

Enrollment completed. Oh she was in: flowerpot-painting-contest. There she and her terracotta pot to be painted. Gave a pose before the contest starts. Crazy girl;)

However it would not be easy as she expected. I knew! Here's her material:

* Half cups of acrylic paints filled within main colors such as red-blue-yellow-black and white.
** No palette. But only a mid-size picnic plate to be used as a palette.
*** And, a thick wall-painting brush to make this contest more difficult. Remember, winning has never been easy:)

Her competitors as seen in this photo, who like painting or not, but free to take place. 2 mothers with their kids participated. All were totally 15. Weird but why not men interested in? Only women.

Ohh let's make some advertisement;)

The organisator is Koçtaş; the leading company in home improvement retailing at Int'l standards in Turkey and also in neighborhood countries. It's also where we often go to make shopping.

They settled around a long table in the Garden and Outdoors section of Koçtaş. I noticed. Everyone were thinking seriously, how to spark off their dream powers.

Half-an-hour given to paint their pots...

What's the remaining from a painting contest? This table that's full of amazing pots! I loved what each of them presented. With a brave heart, they put forth the most unexpected, creative things. What a world of candy-colored pots!

Results? Breathtaking! But kid's imagination is what always amazed me -like above one. Yet a 12-yrs-old so sweet girl at nr.10 painted it, isn't that fantastic?!

Because of my busy schedule, I could not join in this activity even though I wished very much. But I was in hurry up to catch the winners announce. I was running so fast in Istanbul's mad traffic jam. Finally I saw them..

Oh she was the 2nd winner of the contest! Here is her pot with a pink flower on it.

Natural styling and a few brush strokes left us one adjective on our lips: exquisite!

She was very happy when her name announced, and gifted with a flowering plant Scarlet Star (known also Guzmania lingulata)

This gorgeous star-shaped rosette found a very nice place at home. It was like the Queen among other flowers in the balcony on a super sunny summer day, Saturday.

Tebrikler kızkardeşime gidiyor. Congrat's Sis.

Note of the day~ What a family we are. Sis and I are blessed with genetic talents like painting...

I paint. She paints. Don't get surprised if we paint the world one day;)


  1. Talent runs in the family. How lovely - and how fun!

  2. I wish you succesuful job,it must be enjoyable wörk ,all succes become with you,another hand if you want to came charry garden I invite you and your families in here,if you visit us I will glad,best wishes stay well.

  3. Yes, Nihal you and your sister are really talented. I used to paint very well in schools..always winning lots of contest..but that was a very long time ago. Dont even know why I never pursued something related to the art industry. The flower pot is very nice, here's to a good week. hugs/m

  4. eline sağlık nihal.. linkte 1.olan sanırım senin grubundanmıydı bilmiyorum ama blogscular saksı boyuyor ne güzel:)

  5. @ Pinar: Bu yarisma ayni gun ulke capinda birkac ildeki Koctas'ta duzenlendi. Verdigin linke dikkat ettiysen, o bayan Konya'dan. Bence kendi sehrindeki yarismaya katilmis olmali. O bayan ve birinciliginin bizimkiyle hic alakasi yok. Biz Istanbul'dayiz biliyorsun:)

    Blogcular saksi boyuyor mu? Ama hepsi değil. Katilan -ben değil- kızkardeşim idi, ve blogger değil. Işlerim nedeniyle röportaja yetişebildim, bazen gazetecilik yapmak da zevkli oluyor:)

  6. I love her pot. It blends perfectly with the lush plants surrounding the porch. Congratulations to your talented sister.

  7. Ciao Nicole, è stato bello partecipare alla vostra seduta di pittura su coccio- terracotta, mi hai fatto venir voglia di prendere i vasi e darci un bel colore..veramente bello ed interessante, poi per me che adoro stare in gruppo, deve essere piacevole, poi c'è il risultato che sicuramente appaga, con una miriade di colori e fiori..ti auguro un'ottima giornata da una Torino leggermente nuvolosa.

  8. Beautiful pot, congrats to your sister for winning. Talent does run in your family doesn't it?


  9. You both seem to be very talented. Her pot is painted in a simple yet beautiful way. Congrats to her!