Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Whom?


...depends on you.
It presents you a space.
Either you paint it by yourself, or others instead of you."

#2: Rose painting. SOLD.

(Click here) These 3-paintings are still on sale. A reminder, all of them about scenes of magnificent Istanbul


  1. Congrats Nihal, I know many who never sold anything for months...so you are one lucky bunny, but then they are so beautiful..just like the painter ;p meryem..i am liking this name

  2. Well done! May I know if you paint daily? What do you like to paint most?

  3. @ KTSG: I like painting as one of my hobby's, but 'colors' are my passion. No, I don't paint on daily basis, my current work doesn't allow me to do it freely. However weekends or holidays can be the most appropriate time to deal with it.

    My favorite subjects are stroke roses, angels, unusual objects and of course Istanbul to paint:)

  4. Very fine works, Nihal! I'm glad to read that you like painting! :-)

  5. Le tue presentazioni sono fini e di ottimo spessore.
    Qui a Torino l'aria è diventata frizzantina..... e fresca dopo qualche pioggia :-)
    Un caro saluto

  6. It is a treat to get a peek at your paintings.

    The woman in the first photo is so interesting, I have looked closely at her clothes and each time I take another look it seems I find something more to admire.


  7. The first photo is somewhat mesmerizing! The girl must be a harem girl, or some "gozde" of a sultan possibly.
    have you ever listen to Can Atilla's music? Especially his Ottoman trilogy albums, I like them most. My favorite piece of music from him is "Ask-i Hurrem" and I think the harem girl's painting would go very well with this pretty piece of music of Can Atilla!
    You can find the video clip of this incredibly beautiful song on YouTube. Just make a search for "Ask-i Hurrem"!