Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smart Design By Starck

One of the most erotic and sexy cities that I have seen so far!

It has got so different energy!

I do not talk about only the City by itself and its unique architecture. Be sure that both are picture postcard perfect as it's surrounded by the glorious Bosphorus seascape!

But beauty of the people also strikes me down. I care again and again. I can't put a price on their beauty, because I met so pretty nice and cool Istanbulities! They are well-cared people for their beauties as well as so fit and healthy bodies!

It comes to my mind "Istanbul" when you ask me Turkey!

It comes to my mind "Excitement" when you ask me Istanbul!

These anecdotals are taken in an interview that was made with Philippe Starck early in the first week of this month. He was in Istanbul for a Project of Smart Houses that's planned to design in Istanbul. For those who doesn't know him, Philippe is a born and bred Parisian, world's most famous product designer.

Along with his own point of views on Istanbul which are enclosed to my photos, I am happy to announce that summer is just here! It is getting nice 'n hot, very hot each next day.

And, it was a long weekend.

I was taking a long walk along the seashore in Kuruçeşme and Bebek of the European side that they are certainly my favorite places of all time (all of snapshots above).

In summer I love so much being in Bosphorus. Isn't that what it's all about to feel and be felt?!

Calling Torino, North Carolina, Ontario, Houston, and all of you out there who I can't get enough to list now but I feel that you are observing secretly this little corner:)

Can you tell me if you find some beautiful place to get lost in your town? Where is it, share its name with me in the comments?


  1. Dear Nihal,
    Your last post about Bosphorus remind me how much I missed Istanbul and Bosphorus and my family! Thanks for that!
    Your siggy block is ready in the meantime! :)

  2. Aw....I want to be there too and Starck has very unique decor taste and beautiful too. Happy weekend Nihal...........

  3. I just need to find the money for a plane ticket and I'll be right over. Looks beautiful.

    I love where I live in No. CA and always seem to find someplace new to explore. Today I posted about a bakery I hadn't tried before.


  4. WOW Nihal, me too I need to save for a ticket to Istanbul! It's beautiful!

    A beautiful place to lose myself... I'd say Barcelona -native place-, gothic quarter, no doubt!

  5. @ Inci: Yep, I saw it dearest. What a stunning block you did! You just filled my heart with Joy! I just don't know how to express you my sincere thanks because you made it visible before our reunion here. And you knew what a curious cat I am, lol:)

    Here's how I feel now:

    Truly great friends are hard to find,
    difficult to leave,
    and impossible to forget....


  6. Ciao Nicole,
    come vedi ho atteso il tuo messaggio :-) il lavoro è una cosa molto importante e non bisogna trascurarlo neanche nei periodi "caldi". Qui da noi dopo un periodo "bollente", abbiamo vissuto due giornate di sole con aria "frizzantina", in questo momento avanzano delle nubi nere e minacciose accompagnate da un forte vento...
    Per la crociera, Rirì ed io abbiamo già dato disposizione al comandante di bordo che ci accompagnerà alla tua corte :-), siamo ora in attesa di una tua conferma :-).
    Buon fine settimana a te :-)

  7. Nihal, what a nice tour! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images. I like all the landscapes, interesting the architecture of the houses.
    Have a very good weekend! :-)

  8. Really lovely place. Heard so much about it. Have to visit one day...

  9. Nihal:

    Your blog is a work of art. Thanks for your comment on mine as well--obviously we both love Istanbul, the most magical city I know. Well, actually, I just got back from Mardin, yet another intriguing place. Ah--life is grand!
    Kudos to you--
    Ann Marie (Ann Marie's Istanbul)