Monday, June 29, 2009

Hospitality Starts In The Air!

What a cliché that I brought up till today with this very common quote from our culture: hospitality starts at doorstep, when stepping inside a home.

Who believes?!

In my opinion, it starts from the skies among clouds! Yes, yes, when I am in the air the exam starts, and time clicks;) During my travels I noticed one fact is ever the same: the hospitality I'm given provides me clues about the people such as when the crew helping me to find the gate in the airport, checking my passport, the hostess approach to my requests, serving my sandwich, etc. So I certainly say that it starts firstly in the AIR.

Even though more caution is needed in Istanbul as it is a large city and prone to large city problems, it is still the one of the safest of major world cities! And it is still very warm and welcoming about our hospitality.

Of course, nothing make your look change on the quality of Turkish hospitality that is being offered by locals as it is the same
-where you go, Istanbul or any part of the country of Turkey.

Good news is, Turkish Airlines was rated "The Best Airline in Southern Europe" in a survey led by Skytrax, world airline and airport quality advisors.
Having tried many major airlines, this news did not come surprisingly as I find Turkish Airlines to be a decent airline worthy of a travel. The Oscars of the aviation industry by this airline inspection and rating firm are given on the basis of region. See the World's Best Airports 2009 here

Jumping the Best Airports in the region of Southern Europe, Istanbul Ataturk Airport comes as the second, oleeee Madrid the winner:) and Athens be the third:

. Madrid Barajas
.. Istanbul
... Athens

Before this post goes in dept about that, why not enter in the world of Türk Hava Yolları - Turkish Airlines to learn much more, if you think you are not able to come to discover us this summer;)

But let me see once again that everything is about some sort of experience? Yes it is indeed. Should you experience the Turkish hospitality that is still strong and more than reads the eye here:)


  1. Excellent, Nihal! I found through your blog that Istanbul is the European Capital of Culture for 2010. I will certainly visit you next year :-)
    And maybe I'll fly Turkish Airline though from Constanta the road is shorter by car.

  2. Interesting Nihal..and I am always amazed at how patient those working in that field are..I would have chased away many customers :P

  3. Oh yes, I have seen the commercials in some satellite TV channel, and they're beautiful!

    The Madrid airport counts on a new futuristic terminal (T4) that has improved substantially the operations. Also new is the beautiful new terminal at Barcelona.

    Have a nice day!

  4. @ Alexandra: Oh thanks for your lovely note & welcome to my page:) Yep, don't miss and create a cause to come here as it'll be a great year for the celebration of European Capital of Culture in Ist'l. Let it be in the air, ground or overseas but you'll be feeling the warm hospitality from the border gate if you take a travel by car:)
    Salute and love to Romania~

  5. I agree, Nihal. Unfortunately I've never been to Istanbul: it must be really a fine city.

  6. Nicole, riesci sempre a trovare le parole giuste per una nuova e bella giornata :-)
    Carissimi saluti :-)

  7. I would love to experience Turkish hospitality one day. Have heard so much about Istanbul too :) And what a celebration it'll be comes 2010.