Wednesday, July 01, 2009

When July Arrives

I bet a lot of you feel the same way I do in the Summer...

give me a snowwhite t-shirt,

In fact I dislike buying t-shirts, never my preference, but cotton, satin, linen, silk and light dresses are my most faves. This past weekend I was drawn badly for this teeshirt! Because...

As stated on its blue label above; this t-shirt has been exclusively designed in support of Istanbul's bid to be the European Capital of Culture in 2010.
The "European Capital of Culture" program, launched in 1999 by the EU Council and Parliament, will ensure Istanbul's integration with Europea's most comprehensive cultural event.

I thought how fun to carry Bosphorus on my body:)
I did. I bought. (above) frontside and (below) backside rather topic, mapping where I come from:) A very thematic indeed! Can't stop thinking how many of them sold? You see our summer days will be days like full of Istanbul advertising...

my white jeans and silver color belt,

and my leather south american shoes all day any day,

Interested in? Made in Brazil. Mine was a love at first sight when my eyes met this turquoise blue sandals in the vitrine:)

book reading in my favorite cozy corner at home,

but I feel much happier when I fling some more happy colors over my balcony,

like purple pensies,

dark pink petunya,

and light green yet baby (cactus) roses,

oh give me a candle that's really going perfect on breezy nights...

I believe that if I am positive everbody stays positive for the most part. Even though our busy days at work and some weekends are met with fu
ll of work and a long to-do-list, the success during summer months is very dependent on our attitude. We should be able to sit back and enjoy the moments before a new day or a week starts again.

Not a super exciting day that is as typically in my life from my dressing to how spending time when I'm at home, but one of my favorites:) It's the things that make me slow down and enjoy everything around me. I believe coziness ensues.

Don't we need more days like today? Yes, we do need:)


  1. Luglio è un mese meraviglioso, il tuo post lo caratterizza come tale e lo incanti con la tua arte...grazie.
    Un caro saluto :-)

  2. I personally prefer the month of August -still to much to do at work in July- (ugust = total vacation, no to-dos list, haha).
    But the good thing is July is sunny, we can be lazy and take it easy while we dream of the month of August.

    Take care!

  3. Your perfect day sounds just like my perfect day.

    We are preparing for our Independence Day celebration - July Fourth. Additionally, I am taking Friday and Monday off of work, so I will have a four day weekend. I can hardly wait.

  4. @ Leni: Completely agree with you on August's bringings. One more thing that I'd like to add onto yours, my birthday:)

  5. Nihal!!!! everyhting is nice....but I am drawn to the SHOES!!!! i LOVE the design, I love wedges too...makes walking in heels so much easier :P

  6. Hello.. lovely that you stopped by my blog earlier.. and I enjoyed the visit here.. yes, in summer - I want a simple white tee and sandals to keep cool.

    take care :)

  7. I recognized Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. I enjoyed reading 'Tis as well as Teacher Man written by him too.

  8. @ Steph: Wow! I didn't know if you can understand turkish language, lol:) But how could you read these small fonts? Yep, the book I've been reading is Angela'nin Külleri, or Angela's Ashes by F McCourt. Sharp eyes that you've got!