Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Sea-Going Legend



the high seas

My question is, do you know what does Savarona mean?

Well, let's see.

Savarona is a swan that lives in the Indian Ocean in Africa. If you look closely to the prow at top and the stern of the boat below resemble the head and back of a typical swan.

But more historically, Savarona... an extraordinary yacht where Atatürk
(the founder of modern Turkish Republic) was only be able to spend six-weeks on his "beloved plaything" before he passed away.

A few days ago I was on the European shore. To what I know, the yacht usually stays in Istanbul but only from Oct to these days. With the arrival of summer, I know that she sails the Mediterranean.
When arrived in Kuruçeşme I could not believe in my eyes. Oh my she was there, as if she heard about my coming. I did not want to miss out taking a few photos of Savarona as it was anchored along the seaside. I hardly resist seeing for long hours on the artistic beauty of the prow, see see see carvings at top.

Savarona is the largest non-royal yacht built ever! Here are some tech details for interested minds like me:)

her length overall= 446' (136m)
her beam= 52.6' (16m)
her draft= 20' (6.1m)
her max speed= 18 knots
her cruising speed= 16 knots
her average area= 538 sq feet (50m2)
she's got 17 luxurius suites+ 1 master suite

Now let's see who-how-why built this 4th largest private yacht in the world.

This beautiful swan was built in March 1931 in Hamburg for an American wealthy lady, Mrs Emily Roebling Cadwallader, grand daughter of the engineer John Roebling who built the Brooklyn Bridge, spending about 4 million US dollars.

In March 1938, the yacht was sold for 1.2 million US dollars to our Gov't to be used as presidential yacht. This way Atatürk was the owner. Cabinet meetings were held on the board. He loved his yacht very much but unfortunately he could not enjoy her as much as he wished.

When he died on Nov 10, 1938, the Savarona did not sail again until after World War II when the Turkish Navy started to use her as a training ship. In 1979, a raging fire destroyed the once beautiful vessel, and she remained as unused until 1989.

A rich Turkish businessman leased the yacht for 49 years, and began the arduous task of refurbishing the Savarona to more than her former glory. 425 men worked for almost three years to refit the yacht, whose interior design was done by Donald Starkey. Want to have look inside the Savarona? Who says no;)

hand-crafted Baroque msterpieces...

sailing in style...

perfect settings-swan dining room...

bronze repose...

Yes, I agree with you. More than a-a-amazing! Today the Savarona once again is sailing on the waters of the world bringing an experience of elegance and luxury to those who are as privileged as to be her passengers.

Even though I consider this article insufficient, all is this I can. For more photographs and detailed info pls visit her at


  1. Insufficient??? Oh my goodness me, this is such a beautiful and distinguished ship, with such an amazing story!

    BTW, on saturday I'm travelling to the north of Spain for a bloggers meeting -first time I meet blogger fellows. We will be 5 of us. One of them has a ship anchored there and we may sail a bit-.

    But of course, the Stay Calm (name of the ship) is not a rival for the wonderful Savarona!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. WOW!!! I want to go there Nihal..looks like a dream. The only boat I ever sat was those lousy speedboat to small islands, nothing so beautiful like this. Happy weekend Nihal..oh, I do live or love too , wont be fun :P Take care and dont be good.

  3. I'mwas not good in a boat especially when there's lots of motion. I used to get seasick!!
    But a few rides during the last few hols did nothing to me:)

  4. Very interesting pictures, Nihal. I really enjoy them. I fear I would be seasick during the trip if there are many waves.
    Have a good day! :-)

  5. Che meraviglia, mi piacerebbe essere ospite di questa "barchetta"...
    Buon fine settimana, Nicole :-)

  6. @ Leni: Is it really your going to meet up with fellow bloggers?! In one word, sounds great! How fun it will be.

    Well, I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed, and you'll have a great time:) To be organized in a ship is a bonus, awwwwesome. Maybe we'll be your lucky readers to read what you'll experience during your reunion. t/c of yrself. N'joy!

    @ Nicola: Essere di ospite nella Savarona, oh siete benvenuti come sempre, ma accettano ospiti da ottobre fino a quando l'estate. Quindi sembra che non c'e' fortuna perche' nave nel Mediterraneo. Se puoi attendere la prossima estate? Anche io volevo augurarvi un buon fine settimana:) Ciao.

  7. It is beautiful, my first thought was "is it the Titanic" lol
    You were very lucky be right on time.

  8. I have one very similar... except it has an outboard and inflates... ahem

  9. @ Mutley: How lovely to find your note on my page. Merci for stopping by. It should be lifelong enjoies boating itself as plenty of fun -cruising, boarding, fishing, more 'n more, oh my passion.

  10. Hey Nihal! I'm back from the bloggers' meeting, and it was simply great! Very nice people who suddenly become real!

    You have to try it!

  11. Oh my! She is stunning!!! I can imagine how awesome it would be to revel in her glory.

  12. @ Leni: Result is "Success"? Just enjoying the communications and meeting to fascinating people in your niche sound great my dear, since most of you were only virtual. Plus, your colorful personality should bring a doze of motivation and create a community of happy voices:) Thanks for letting me know. Hugs and love to you~

  13. What a beauty!!
    The Savarona is an amazing vessel Nihal! A most gigantic and glorious swan indeed! Thank you for sharing her with us. I had no idea she existed.

    Hugs from afar!

  14. Certainly a beautiful craft. I can't imagine sailing surrounded by all that elegance. It would be amazing I'm sure.


  15. It looks like my perfect boat. I want to go there