Monday, July 06, 2009

My Eyes


Man is eyes, the rest is only flesh:
But the true eyes are those that see the Friend;
... Merge the whole of yourself in your eyes,
Go towards the vision, go towards the vision,
go towards the vision.

-Rumi (1207-1273)


  1. Wasn't he Persian? Those eyes are fiery and penetrating to be sure. If a female gorilla looked at me like that I'd expect the worst.

  2. @ GB: Yes, Rumi is a Persian Poet. Born in Afghanistan, the Rumi's family traveled west , settled in the Turkish Anatolian city Konya, then he buried in this city. He has also had a great influence on Turkish literature through the centuries. His poems have been widely translated into many world's languages. He's been described as the "most popular poet in America" in 2007.

    Is it important where these great people come from? For me, never. I hoped to reflect his quote to get closer his heart and musings.
    Thanks for your visit and comment~

  3. The eyes tell so much about a person... and what about all the shades in an expressive look?
    Yes, the eyes have the essence of a person.

    What a beautiful quote, Nihal. I never stop learning with you, like today. Pure poetry. ;)

    Take care and keep cool (if it's as hot as it is here, you'll need it, hahaha).

  4. I see you with my eyes - even if it is in my mind. And, my eyes see you as a friend.

  5. Wow. Thanks for bringing this Rumi to us. And the delightful picture with it.

  6. Very good quote, Nihal.
    And the photo is spectacular!

  7. I love the philosophy of Rumi.