Thursday, June 18, 2009

Istanbulian + Woman = Interactive Turk

News will infuriate him but I have to say that the ladies "ruse" defeated the man:) We can't show mercy guys, now lets see the details.. Oh wait, this is only in Turkey.. and only online, no worries:)

Evet, evet "Kadının fendi erkeği yendi" durumundayız ülkemizde:) Şimdi habere geçelim..
In accordance to a research, comScore reported that Turkey has the 7th Largest and Most Engaged Online Audience in Europe.

In April 2009, more than 17 million people in Turkey age 15+ accessed the internet from a home or work location, consuming an average 3,044 pages and an average 32 hours per visitor. See below for total net users by country -top10:

On the other hand, adinteractive, the first and leader Turkish digital marketing measurement agency released its first reporting examining the online behavior of internet users in Turkey, based on the data with 637.236 users who are so engaged with many online campaigns as of year 2008. This online population of Turkey gives important clues for the questions such as;

  • where to be found the internet users in Turkey
  • which websites are they interested in
  • what's the age range accessing the internet
  • what's the average education level
  • what about the occupation

Here is the profile of most Interactive Turk:

  • Woman
  • 26 yrs old
  • Upper middle class level of income
  • University graduate
  • Istanbulian

These women users are interested in the internet for the following areas:
  • Travel
  • Culture-art
  • Health
  • Beauty and care
  • Personal development
  • Eating and drinking
  • Astrology

The men users in Turkey are interested in:
  • News
  • Sports
  • Friendship
  • Games

The most interactive cities in Turkey are followed by:
  • Istanbul -northwest
  • Ankara (capital) -centrally in mainland Anatolia
  • Izmir -west
  • Eskişehir -northwest
  • Bursa -northwest


  1. Hi Nihal!

    That's an interesting post! And a very valuable market study for the internet providers. ITs are really reaching everything and everybody.

    Congrats to Turkey for being 7th in the comsCore ranking. I don't know what we did when internet did not exist, lol.

  2. I'm curious about how the data is collected. Maybe it comes from the various questionnaires we fill out from time to time.

    Looks like Turkey is well represented.


  3. @ Darla: The data collected comes from the response who participated to marketing campaigns actively. The agency wanted to search the potential part who plays an active role in using internet and their kind of behaviours. So the survey result allows us to compare initiative participants as well as i/net usage success measurements among people F/M. Factors that are also considered in determining future success of a marketing campaigns.

    Should not we get surprised b'cus the majority of the population in Turkey consists of a very young ppl; appr 50% of the population is below 25! So result comes so natural: 26 yrs old young women as the most interactive Turk:)

  4. Wow, quite interesting. I know I would be in shock if I didn't have internet access.

  5. How interesting Nihal. Over here, in the past 2 years, we have developed a huge appetite for online news..and that's because the Govt control what is printed on the media, many times supressing the truth. This internet thing-y is really cool to research many things but one can get too drawn or attached to it...happy weekend

  6. Buon fine settimana :-)

  7. What an interesting post, Nihal.
    Internet is a fantastic and magic invention: the whole world, in his innumerable aspects, with a click.

  8. very interesting stats indeed.. didn't know much of Turkey.

    take care and happy weekend.