Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blue Ground + Yellow Sky

Tell me... You are most mesmerized by which city?

Both beautiful and not.
Both rich and not.
Both dynamic and tired.
Provides transport to the people. It has got bridges. Bridges connect to the sea. Traffic jams just happen. When in rain, when in snow obstructing easily any highway, sidewalk, railway, waterway... all ways shortly.

It looks so different every new day!

It's Istanbul:)

I was taking a Bosphorus cruise with the above boat today, and captured these series of images. Boat departed in Kuruçeşme at the European side. It took a time of 4hrs. I was excited when taking shots of one of the world's most strategic waterways, Bosphorus! It's 1,510 m (4,954 ft) long with a deck width of 39 m (128 ft).

What a tasting ride that made me forget where I come from, and what I am!

All I can say is that the City was fascinating in its blue&yellow colored summer dress all day long.

How was it in your part of the world? What colors your Sunday was painted today?


  1. Nihal, this is a very fine series of images, I've enjoyed it so much, with that magnificent blue!
    About towns, I like London: I've been there several times since I was a child; I greatly appreciate its magnificent green parks and also its (for me) particular atmosphere, and many other things, of course.
    Have a very nice week ahead!

  2. Completely OFF SUBJECT.
    Can you write a post for a young foreign woman coming to Turkey for the first time? She asked me about how to dress- regarding culture between men and women. This is a very common problem and being a man, I don't have much advice to give. Can you help? If you have to time to write up a post on this subject- yani, mistakes foreign woman might make in Turkey- or how to handle one self as a woman in Turkey, I would love to hear your ideas.


  3. @ Joe: First off, glad to have your visiting my page, and tks for your note. I think it seems a very "IN" subject for me, and a part of my little corner; so pleased to get it:)

    As long as my current schedule allows me I'll try to my best to write an insightful post for a real young foreign woman coming to TR for the first time.

    As you may know, woman issues from dressing to education is so varied, there's too much to write/discuss/talk on it -if it's the country of Turkey you live.

    Well the ball is in my court:) More later, OK.

  4. Istanbul ranks pretty high in my "favourite city" chart. Paris, Barçelona, San Francisco and Venice are my other top contenders.

    Lola xx

  5. Yeah Nihal, mesmerised is the word. I'm amazed. Istanbul looks just beautiful.
    Paris in my opinion is incredible. But there are so many places to visit...

  6. What a great trip you must have had. It looks so clean and bright.


  7. Nihal :) Me + want to go on that cruise..cos I have never been on one. Stunning pictures of the sky, bridge and water too...ow, we do have a common weekend..almost. Happy week my ya

  8. How wonderful! It is mesmerizing.

    I am enchanted by Charleston, South Carolina. It is a city of bridges and water, too. I don't know why, but it is the city that most tugs at my heartstrings. It is like I have some kind of emotional bond with it.

  9. I love the way you describe your home..."All I can say is that the City was fascinating in its blue&yellow colored summer dress all day long." The color of the Bospherous is glorious.