Sunday, June 21, 2009



Whatever he wants,

Whatever he thinks,

Whatever he does,

Wherever he goes,

One thing is for sure:

He's the MAN in my life.

He's the MAN I loved,

He's the MAN that I do still love endlessly and unconditionally.

The most sad part of my current life is how much I missed having Sunday breakfasts with this Special MAN as we used to do for many mornings in the past...

What a big unending loneliness I am feeling since then and after his passed away, especially in days like today but at least I have the MAN in my heart
to celebrate his Father's Day.

The MAN is Emil, daddy dearest...

You too celebrate the MAN in your life TODAY:)


  1. What a beautiful and most tender post, Nihal.
    Sometimes there's a special connection between dads and daughters. I don't know if it's because of a protection instinct, but it exists.
    That's a nice memory, Nihal.
    I hope that life brings you soon other kinds of love, if it hasn't yet- to make this big unending loneliness more bearable. A wonderful woman like you deserves this and more.

    Big hug, have a nice Sunday and a happy Father's Day.

  2. My heart is with you. I am so missing my daddy today, too.

    I miss him every day, but it is so hard around Father's Day.

    Love to you, dear friend.

  3. My dad was quite a loner but he had a heart of gold.
    Wishing all dads 'Happy Father's Day!'

  4. Hi

    Beautiful post, I miss my father also.

  5. Hallo Dick,
    How have you been?
    So nice to hear back from you! Dank u zeer for yr lovely note:)
    And, with lotsa joys 'n happiness as I wish for you today, Happy Father's Day.
    A tiny wish- I hope you make a turn from your blog-break ASAP 'cus it's been such enough long time:)

  6. Lovely poem, Nihal. A sweet tribute to your special father.


  7. how tricky tour are !
    happy day with your man....sounds a lot of fun

  8. This post tugged at my heartstrings. We do miss them don't we? It was such a blessing to have a good man for a father.


  9. What an intense post, Nihal.
    I miss my father as well.
    Have a very good week ahead.

  10. Bello, quanto hai scritto mi piace un sacco!! Una buona serata con un sorriso:-)
    Prima o poi imparerò l'inglese e capirò qualche parola in più:-)

  11. Lucky that you tresure such a beautiful memory of your dad Nahil!

    He was a great man to have a daughter like you!


  12. Nice poem...... a happy Father's Day.

  13. Nihal, I miss my father the most. He was a very inspiring and unselfish person. I remember my childhood that though we were poor, he would always put others before us..helping those who need things more than us, he was really one of a kind. Too bad and sad, the good ones always have to leave us soon. Happy fathers day to all the wonderful daddies in the world.

  14. Wonderful post as always. Hope you have a good week