Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That's Rich

More than 750,000 square kilometers, and the only Turkey you've seen is Istanbul?

Better hit the road for Bartin. Pronto! With a very rich architectural heritage, Bartin is one of the centers in Turkey's Black Sea region that is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists because it's been home to important art movements along its historic progress since the dominance of Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire; later with the dominance of Turkish Seljuks between 11th-and-13th centuries AD.

Now join me to visit the exhibition as I promised in a previous post titled Not New, Antika that you will find noteworthy pieces:

As you see Turkish embroidery is done with various materials such as silk, cotton, linen, wool and metallic threads over felt, leather and various textile products, using different kinds of needles and application techs...

To be honest, I have seen lotsa traditional Turkish embroideries, but none quite as eye and thought provoking as these ones. Yes you heard me!

ONE of these RICH variations is silver threadwork created with running the threads of the fabric.

Called as Bartin work, which is also known in turkish Telkirma işi (English: Thread cut). A kind of flat, diagonal cross needlework in various silver covered threads, made by using thread and a one-holed needle. This needlework is made by counting the fabric's threads, a diagonal "Z" is made on the top, and a cross is formed on the reverse side.

This silver stitch work can be applied either alone on the fabric or in a combined manner through accessories like shoes, handbag -as seen above.

I think this beautiful town gave a great way to add a little magic and some sparkle to your day or night wherever you are:)


  1. Amazing needlework. While the silver is impressive it is the colorful pieces that make me want to own them.

    Thanks for letting me have a look.


  2. Beautiful and like Darla said--amazing needlework, everything is very impressive indeed. Thanks for sharing Nihal :P

  3. Really beautiful embroideries, Nihal. And they give so wonderful colours to your blog!

    Take care!

  4. Nicole, solo mani sapienti riescono a ricamare così....complimenti per il post: è stupendo.
    Un caro saluto ed a presto :-)

  5. Such lovely embroidery. I always time to stop by and admire beautiful needlework such as these.

  6. What a beautiful needleworks. Real pieces of art.

  7. Nihal, these are exquisite. I've never seen such gorgeous pieces. I love the ones with the golds and silvers.

  8. Really amazing embroideries, Nihal. They are very refined, with lovely motifs and attractive colors. I like the silver decorations too.
    Have a good day!