Thursday, June 04, 2009

Venedik'te Bir Gece

''Comparing both of them is hard. There are big similarities between the two countries. Important difference is the language.''
by Massimo Rustico

Event night at Venice Palace/Istanbul

Every year June 2nd Italians celebrate the anniversary of birth of the Italian Republic. I know this important event of Italian contemporary history is celebrated in Italy with military parades and speeches delivered by the President.

The celebration of the 63rd Anniversary Party of the Italian Republic of this year organized by the Consulate General of Italy, (above) Sig Massimo Rustico and his wife Monica, in Istanbul. A successful and social event attended by Italians and Turkish. All the local news stated that it was interesting and successful.

It took place in the fine building of the Venice Palace in Tophane. And it was attended by important personalities from business and social life as well. The theme was A Night in Venice (
Turkish: Venedik'te Bir Gece). When talking about Venezia, yes the guests were with their masks at hands, see below, a Turkish guest.

Happy Birthday to you, bella Italia in our hearts:)


  1. Nihal, I imagine that if you were one of the guests at the gala Italian celebration you would have been the most elegant woman in attendance.

  2. That Turkish lady in the pic looks absolutely gorgeous, but I second steviewren, Nihal. You would have been a beauty queen!

    What kind of mask would you have choosed? (chosen? hm...) I imagine you would wear an elegant long dress in light colours, something shiny, trendy and very stylish.

    It must have been a great party, indeed!

  3. Many thanks for this very significant post, Nihal.