Friday, June 05, 2009


... but it's an interesting-très contrast to look for a Porter on demand!!!

  • Pozisyon: Profesyönel Hamal // Position: Professional Porter
(turkish // english)

  • Completion of Primary School is required.
  • Minimum 1-year of work experienced is required.
--Related vacancy announcement published by Consulate General of the US in Istanbul.

Getting ready this morning, I noticed an ads as seen above. Never the one to miss an opportunity to take a closer look at things through the lens of a smart mind:)

Because I thought there is a bit more weirdness about this porter's title. As we know it's not about liking or not, but experience. I accept. I agree till the end.

Tell me: could it be a spot where professionalism becomes necessary in work of a porter as well? Does the definition of professionalism ask at least 1-year experience?

I didn't come to an understanding yet. Anyone to help me understand it better?


  1. Ciao Nicole, passo per augurarti un buon fine settimana, non conosco l'inglese, quindi non ci ho capito niente:-)
    Un caro saluto da Torino - Italia

  2. Do you think they just meant to say that you need not apply for the job if you don't have experience? Puzzling.....

  3. I also didn't come to an understanding yet. Its really funny. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Hi Nihal! They probably want to save themselves the work of doing a first selection prior to the interviews round, lol. The 1-yr thing is just an excuse,

    Let me give you some more weirdness and silliness (if possible). If you ever wanted to work for the Dumbass Industries (the company where I work) you would need to have a driving license. Bearing in mind that you may never have to drive a car/van/bus etc for work, what's the point to that request? I'd say it's exactly the same thing than with the professional porter's add: to save them the work of doing the first candidates selection. Just that. Unfair, isn't it? Next thing we may hear is candidates of a certain eye or hair colour won't be accepted. Sometimes the HR strategies are beyond my understanding.

  5. Really funny, but maybe it's a sort of standard text for all the announcements of a certain kind.
    Interesting post, Nihal.

  6. Grazie della visita, mi ha fatto molto piacere, però occorre che io impari l'inglese, perchè posso partecipare di più e capire che è sempre una bella proverò..
    un augurio di una buona domenica a te ed agli amici.